Sexual Abstinence

My very last sexual encounter was 12 years ago. Sexual encounter I mean was the thing in my body that makes me a man penetrating the woman’s softy thing. Did I like it? Of course I did!

Sex is one the most wonderful things on earth. But sex is not the ultimate ecstasy that any human could experience. Sex can do more harm than good. Not because sex itself is harmful. It’s because we, human beings have constantly misused it. Big time at that!

After I went through spiritual renewal many things have changed. My thoughts, ambitions, friends, lifestyle made a complete makeover, so to speak. My ideal qualifications for a woman also changed. But two years prior to my spiritual turnaround in 1997, I had several sexcapades with different women. I even made a literal list. When I counted it, I averaged one woman in every two months. Maybe I’m too slow for some men out there.

Honestly, I’m enjoying my standard of living now. But life is not always smooth. There were times that I was put in a crossroads where a yummy woman and I are the only people in a room. Many times it happened. Both of our eyes were staring at each other. I could feel the sexual magnet. Thankfully, nothing sexual happened. Not even a kiss!

Will I want to have sex again? I would love to, but only at the correct time. When that time comes the whole bedroom would look like world war three!!!

You may perceive me as strange or fool or whatever. But we’re not on the same boat.

Against the flow!


  1. sorry man, actually if what your saying is true, you’re my idol! i have 3 girlfriends and although i’m trying my best to control my sexual urge, i can’t fight it and i end up broke most of time frequenting motels and drive-inns. hehehe

  2. Maruja’s my officemate, so she, i mean he knows! Hehe

    mavuyuka: Man, be careful. There are a few who shifted to the gay/bi lifestyle because of oversex. Same thing with women who became lesbians or bi. Hahaha.

  3. Ever thought of becoming a priest? On second thought, that would have placed you on a more tempting environment. What can I say? Celibacy is a choice. If you’re happy with it, then, feel no pressure. But wait, am just tickled by your comment: “Man, be careful. There are a few who shifted to the gay/bi lifestyle because of oversex. Same thing with women who became lesbians or bi.” Could not having heterosexual sex cause the same? He he.

  4. Strangely, when I think of sex I think of God. Because of guilt? Nope, but because sex is the Creator’s great gift to humanity. Real bliss and happiness is a combination of BOTH the physical and the spiritual. Ever really wondered why the process of proCREATION is one of immense pleasure?

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