The Good and Bad of MSU-Marawi

I visited MSU-Marawi twice in the 1990s. My first impression of MSU was a positive one. I would enumerate my experiences below, and would also add my friends’ who spent years in this university.

While the the bad ones or the negative side of MSU are based from the news I heard and experiences from friends who work or went to MSU for their college education.

First, the good.

  • Tuition fees are too affordable, without sacrificing quality. There are a number graduates of this university who later became excellent in their fields.
  • The environment is literally cool. Because of its location, several hundreds of feet above sea level, and the huge lake just nearby also contributed to the coolness.
  • Quiet and conducive to study. At 7pm, friends told me it’s like a ghost town.
  • Alcohol and other activities that parents would like their kids no to get into is at a minimal.

The bad

  • ¬†Security and safety for everyone is at risk. Ever heard the news recently? Three soldiers were killed and one innocent 6 year old girl. It happened right inside the campus, just several meters from the gate with a security guard.
  • Petty crimes such as robbery are a usual¬†occurrence, and the perpetrators always go scot free.
  • There had been reported cases that a teacher was killed because he failed a student. Students who do this are usually a local of Marawi City.
  • A school executive or a professor’s life could be in danger if a local wants his position in the university. A number of school officials have been killed in the past.

Have you spent several years in MSU or are you planning to work or study there?


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