How to Win an Argument on Facebook


I posted this image on Facebook. Then this “friend” who always oppose my every Christian and Israel related posts and links, started an “intellectual discussion” as he calls it.

I don’t usually responds to his views, it’s just so stressing, and not worth my time. But this time, I responded to his every comment.

We put some facts, and I encountered some of mine I learned in school. When the intellectual discussion led to “faith”, he put “it’s funny” in his comment.

Its funny how religion always trumps the Faith card when challenged by science…

So if you run out of ideas, and could not support your own opinion, I suggest you use “it’s funny”, “bwahahahaha” and all capital “LOL”. You would surely devalue the other guys’ views, and win an argument.

Yeah, I led the discussion to faith because I don’t have much information about evolution and creationism, and also because I knew atheists have limited knowledge about faith, especially spiritual faith.

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