1. I have heard lotsa sotries about cops in the philippines planting halting you and planting some drugs in your belongings! I think that is so fcuking mean!


  2. The Philippine National Police should be demolished and rebuilt from scrap. All members should be sacked and their recruitment process overhauled. Citizens neither hate nor fear them. I love them for they exposed the truth of how crooked our system is. And for letting me realize how lucky we Filipinos are to have such kind of government to protect us. Now I know the reason why many Filipinos are migrating.

  3. @Nina
    Whats an HSA?

    I think this is the habit of any crooked police force even in developed countries.

    We should start from the inside. Change their character.

  4. I hate PNP cuz I am a vvictim by their extortion, they detained me illigaly plus they withdrawn my money from atm and I’d been traumatized , if ever im seeing a cops in uniform now… i am shaking i need justice.

  5. Me either i dont know what to feel about them but maybe i will like them if they achieve something and i will not if i notice they are not that effective peace maker.

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