My (Friend's) First Starbucks Experience


This is the email i sent to Rustans Coffee, the Philippine franchise owner of Starbucks.


My name is Gwapito (my real name withheld), from Mandaue City Cebu, and presently working at Some Company Name.

I emailed you because of a “minor” issue encountered at Starbucks Ayala Cebu, when one of my companions found 2 screws in her cup of coffee. It happened around 12:00 midnight of August 27. There were about 6 of us, and each of us had coffee. I believe it was all our first time to visit Starbucks. We all enjoyed not just the coffee but also the place. Then my friend wondered why she can hear an unsual sound everytime she drank the coffee. The coffee was half full when she discovered 2 screws inside the cup.

We called the attention of the staff, then we gave the 2 screws already placed inside a paper cup. We were expecting either of two things from them: A replacement of the coffee or an apology. An informal apology was already enough though, never mind the replacement. Minutes passed, and we heard nothing from them. So I went to the counter and asked if they have email. The lady (i believe she’s part of the admin staff) asked me if “it was about the 2 screws” and i said yes. Then came a reply from her that i wasnt expecting. She basically said, Sir, there’s nothing to worry about, because the 2 screws are clean, and besides it’s already midnight when you ordered the coffee.

Okay, let’s say the screws were 100% clean, and germ-free. What if my friend accidentally swallowed those “clean” screws?

More power (and grace) to the Stabucks franchise!

Attached is the receipt or if you don’t want to download the attachment i provided a link to it.

God bless!

A concerned Starbucks Customer,

Jeffrey B. Wong


  1. well your friend is lucky enough not to swallow those damn screws.
    anyway, next time that sort of thing happens again, throw the hot cup in the face of the admin. staff. that will show her!

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