A Restobar's Stupid Rules

The company I am working for had a small informal party last Saturday November 18 done in one of the big bosses’ other business located someplace in Glorietta, in Makati (Philippines). It’s a typical restobar, with sexy usherettes (luckily); at the sidewalk entrance were ugly bulky, chubby bouncers. The waiters are in citrus colored shirts. Wide TV screen showing music videos of black R & B musicians. Usual drinks, light beer, iced tea; sorry that’s all I know. I’m not alcoholic.

While I was at the entrance, the pretty usherette politely told me that I CAN’T GO inside because of the short pants I was wearing, it’s their rule (stupid rule that is). I don’t have any idea what’s the purpose for, perhaps for the place to look “decent” and “formal”. Don’t get me wrong, but the clothes I was wearing that night wasn’t that bad at all; the shorts had two side pockets like you see on a soldier’s pants, and it was knee length. I had shoes on, with ankle socks; I wore a t-shirt with no holes or rips, and no stain marks. Just enough to demand or show respect.

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I replied to the two usherette albeit controlling myself, “But I am from Webcompany (name withheld, sorry), and we were not informed beforehand about the bar’s rules.” Then the other lady went inside to call their manager. But the manager was as hard as Gloria’s arrogance, he said I can only go in if I stay indoors, and not on the sidewalk area.

Then my hottie and sexy project manager came to my rescue who was in one of the tables in the sidewalk area, she was wearing a short shorts, while she was pleading to the manager to just allow me in, I told the usherettes, “Look at her, she’s wearing shorts.” Then I heard a reply I cannot believe, “It’s ok sir, because she’s a lady.” Toink!

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Thankfully after much pleading I was permitted inside. I was scanning around the place, and then I saw a bald guy in short pants. Then I blurted out, “There’s a guy over there wearing shorts.” Then my officemate answered, “Well, he’s a celebrity, a singer named Jay-R.”

*Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!*

Jay-R is off the hook on this. It’s the restobar and its stupid rule!

I won’t go back there unless it’s really, really, really required by the company!

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