Men are Practically to Blame for Everything Evil

Men are virtually to blame for all the divorces, broken homes, crimes, physical and sexual abuse, and almost all of the miseries that happen everyday.

It’s because of the twisted teachings that our fathers and our father’s father have handed down to us.
1. We were taught that having a lot of girlfriends is the way to be called a real man, which is blatantly wrong!

2. Drinking a lot of beer or liquor is a manly sight to behold, another immature heirloom given by our fathers.

3. Having a violent behavior or reacting aggressively will classify us as true blue hunks.

I based the above post from the book of Myles Munro, a must related reading for men and women alike:


  1. i’m lucky my fiance is a good man. i told myself when i was a child that i’ll NEVER be with a guy who is similar to my father. my father can be a poster child for the “manly man”. and guess what, his children, me included, don’t want to live with or be around him. he got separated from my mom. he’s alone and probably miserable, always worrying about money.

    as for women, they are the extremes of men. the good ones are the really really good ones, the bad ones are the really really bad ones.

    congratulations on acknowledging that these behaviors are wrong. i hope you find the woman or man of your dreams (no pun intended).

    i enjoy reading your blog, simple and straight to the point.

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