Losers Love to Blame

Blame photo
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Losers in a literal game or in life, loves to blame just about anyone, the referee, the circumstances, God, neighbor, friend, enemy, economy, the government, the dog.

Some maybe attributed to some mentioned elements above. But forever doing the blame game is a hopeless effort. A waste of energy.

I have observed with the football coaches and managers. I read in online newspapers all their complaints. Blaming the referee for losing the game.

You know what the winners were doing? The winners were so noisy, not with complaining and blaming, but with celebration.

Filipinos love to blame the government, the corrupt politicians for the third world economy.

While some are caught up with blaming the government, I admire a few individuals who are keen of making the Philippines a first world country by year 2020. They call themselves CA2020.

In the movies, the villains blame the lead actor for his own misery, even the former’s own mistakes, he blames it on the hero.

It’s also true in real life.

Don’ be a loser. Don’t be a villain, stop complaining and blaming.

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