From Beggar to Giver

Beggar photo
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I used to have a beggar mindset. I still have it occasionally.

Filipinos have “beggar mindset”. Well, most of the Pinoys have it. It is ingrained deep each of the Filipinos’ psyche. It is accepted as normal.

Years ago, I would expect a friend who had more money than me to treat me on a  lunch or dinner.

Have you noticed that we Filipinos would expect a white American man to pay the bill if there’s food feast?

We have to break free from it.

In extreme cases, having that mindset is the first step of becoming a bribe taker. A government worker who takes a bribe have this beggar mindset.

I think the first thing to do of breaking free is be a giver. Start small. Give money to your church, increase it gradually. Pay the bus or jeepney fare of your friends’. Give to a charity organization.

There is a reward for being a giver. In the bible, a giver will receive 30, 60 and a hundreds times in return. Even non bible believers will get the return for their giving. It’s a life principle.


  1. We are all beggars in one way or another, and givers as well. When we give, we tend to think that the thing/s we might be giving won’t be enough or worse, be rejected by the recepient so we end up not giving anything at all. But the best thing we can get from this is the value of giving and sharing itself and I believe, Mr. Gwapito, that nobody is too poor to cannot give anything.

    1. Dream Weaver, I agree that we have both the beggar and giver in us. But the giver should stand out more than the beggar.

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