I Change Myself First


All of us have selfish nature. We think that everything surrounds our self.

When we’ve done something good, we take the credit. Forgetting others who assisted us, including God.

When I score a goal in soccer game, I celebrate, and relish how awesome feat I just did. I forgot my team mate who passed the ball to me.

So selfish.

In Facebook, my friend’s status says about how disgusted he was of a stupid co-worker. Others, burst out their endless rants of others’ foolish behavior.

Not too long ago, I went to watch our team play in a futsal tournament.

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During break, I shared my harmless comment and observation about the team’s tactics. But, what I got was wrath from a team mate, and telling me to shut up.

Initially, I was mad at his tantrums. But, instead of dwelling on that incident. I decided to change myself first, take a deep breath, and also constantly have the mindset, that “I myself is also not perfect, and just learn to forgive others”.

Changing myself first
, instead of ‘uselessly try others to change for me’ is one of the great things to do. It will benefit me, so I can move on.

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Also good for the health.

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