Filipino Racists Watching the Bodyguard

Whitney Houston
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The death of Whitney Houston recently brings back some memories I’ve experienced when I was a teenager.

I’ve watched the Bodyguard in the 1990s in a cinema in Cebu City. I could still vividly remember the “eewww”, “yuck”, “ka lood”, the reactions inside the theater every time Costner and Houston kissed.

Dili man racist ang mga Pinoy, di ba? 😀

Now sure why, but I was upset hearing all their bigoted reactions. And di pa uso ang political correctness at the time ha.

Although, admittedly there were a few times when I used to laugh at dark skin or African jokes during my teen years.

Filipinos should learn not to laugh at a racist joke and learn to control not to start a racist joke about any race especially about Africans or even Pinoys with dark skin.


  1. The NCAA is a racist organization which is planning to ban non-filipino students from playing college sports.

    A San Bed a Studnet , who was a victim of RACIAL SLUR,was the one banned by the NCAA. Heard about this?? We dont need to look far when some schools who are members of the NCAA are themselves have racist inclinations. Catholic schools to boot.

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