Real Reason Behind the Rise of Road Accident Deaths in the Philippines

Department of Health now ranks the vehicular accident deaths in the Philippines as the fourth highest after diseases of the heart, diseases of the vascular system and malignant neoplasms.

A tv station interviewed some people, and the most common answer was “lack of discipline”. Maybe, but partly correct.

I believe the real reason is the age old corruption happening inside the LTO offices all around the Philippines, specifically in the approval of licenses to motorists.

LTO corruption
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Just bribe a corrupt LTO employee and one undeserving motorist will have the license in a matter of days.

I’m pretty sure, some of you reading this could relate to this ;).

So an undeserving driver is out there on the streets.

If an untrained driver gets into an accident, could get away just by bribing a corrupt traffic officer. He escapes the chance to get educated about basics in traffic rules. There is another risk of him or her getting into an accident in the future.

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