Africans, the Most Hated Race of All

The African race is perhaps the most hated race of all. Bigot jokes, blatant discrimination, racial prejudice, the monkey chant, the banana toss and all terrible words or acts a hater could imagine are thrown at them. You could witness it on television, radio, internet, and in everyday casual conversations.

Filipinos whine because of an insulting line in Desperate Housewives, although it was not racist at all as some whiners would insist.

The Chinese complain that their pronunciations were made fun of in a radio show.

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The Caucasians would, hey wait; I could not find any news about white people being discriminated against. There are that’s for sure, but it’s unquestionably negligible since this race are virtually treated well (pun intended).

Everybody is racist, but nothing can beat the insult towards the African race.

Here are videos of African athletes openly abused because of their race.

Samuel Eto’o being racially abused, threatens to walk out in the middle of the game.

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  1. “well no shit sherlock” as my sister would say it. this is probably what obama had to face all his life, the racism, the prejudice. and to overcome that and be president-elect is something to be proud of.

    like is said in your previous post, the world is full of haters. this is one reason why i strive to become a better person, because people don’t have to suffer because of me.

    here’s an example of discrimination or stereotype of white people. if you’re white people think you’re rich. sucks for them, there’s a lot of gold diggers all over the world. can you imagine discovering that, a person just wants to marry you because they think you have money.

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