Younger Women Likes Older Men

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When I was in my teens, I used to make fun of older men going out with women 10 to 30 years younger. It was such a big deal when Filipino actor Cesar Montano married 15 years younger Sunshine Cruz.

But when I entered the 30s age bracket,  I noticed that women or ahem…girls, 10 to 17 years younger likes to look at me, perhaps smitten by my handsome face. I have even dated a few of them.

I’d like to have a girlfriend or wife who’s 10 to 15 years younger.

Aside from the distinct goodlooks that older men has. The following factors could attribute such attraction:

Emotionally mature. One trait is selfless, it seeks for the other person’s goodwill rather than own.

Financial security
. This probably holds a major reason of all factors. A lady can be attracted directly or indirectly, even if the older man is not a millionaire, it’s the character of being responsible, mature men are more responsible in looking for ways to put food on the table.

Wiser. Probably because older men has been through a lot in life, it can deal hardship or prosperity calmly.

A friend of mine married a 25 years older man. The man isn’t a millionaire. But the marriage is now on the rocks though because the husband has depression problems.

If you heard about your girlfriend is going out with an older man for some reason, you should be suspicious and start getting jealous.


  1. hmmmm… I’m 11 years younger than you.. i’ll stay away from you na! lols… hahahaha feeler lang…. lels…

    Well I didn’t intentionally had a relationship with a younger man, it just happened. However, I was thinking, I guess older men are far more responsible than the younger ones, maybe because they have already experienced almost everything in life.


  2. by the way, it would be better if you should include some facts on why younger women likes older men? is it because of money, or the personality or its really or any other factor. i guess it would be more interesting??? what yah think?

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