What do Tulfo Brothers, NBI, CIDG and NPA Have in Common?

They all extort money. They “ask” money with a “little” threat from those who have much of it, namely the business people, honest and crooked ones alike, even Filipino citizens stupid and innocent ones like yourself.

Read the definitions for some words found below the page.

Tulfos. One of the Tulfo brothers went to Parwati, an Indian national owned company in Ortigas, Pasig City (Philippines). He went there together with his cameraman with a purpose to “expose” the said company on national TV. He asked 500,000 (10,000$) pesos in exchange for not releasing the video footage on TV.

What Tulfo got was he himself (his cameraman/bagger) got exposed on national TV. The owner of Parwati pretentiously heeded to Tulfo’s threat, but instead called up ABS-CBN and setup hidden cameras. Tulfo was caught on camera receiving the 500,000 pesos. The money was supposedly to be used for election purposes.

Parwati produces adult and mainstream websites. This company never violated any of the provisions written on the current Philippine laws. The content needed for the adult websites such as the videos and images and the models in it are all coming from the US.

NBI. They first raided iWebmasters two years ago. iWebmaster is Parawati’s sister company. This company again, never violated any of the Philippine laws. They use licensed software. That first raid occurred at night. The NBI police harassed and threatened the employees. These employees are web designers, writers, and programmers, and some of them are women.

The NBI police after finding out that the iWebmasters management is off during the night shift, arrogantly and shamelessly asked money and cellphones from the employees. That did not happen though. Eventually, they got the millions of pesos the next day.

I quote an employee after the disgust he witnessed, “That was the right time to be ashamed of as a Filipino.”

They raided iWebmasters again on February 2007. I don’t have the figures of the money they extorted on this second break-in. I believe the monetary unit ranges from hundreds to millions of pesos (thousands of US dollars).

CIDG. The same rat in wolf’s clothing. This another “legally wayward” police group barged in to iWebmasters and Parwati last night (April 18, 2007), both of them located in the same floor in Tycoon building in Ortigas. The CIDG police packed about five computer CPUs, probably holding it hostage in exchange for the millions of pesos they shamelessly, audaciously wanted.

Three days prior, Pacqiuao won a boxing match. It felt great to celebrate as a Filipino. But the CIDG police spoiled the party.

NPA. This is the most dangerous among the Philippines’ notorious extortionists. They murder those who disregard their financial demands. First they’ll send a message to business owners by terrorizing their businesses as a warning. If the opposing businessman owns a string of transportation buses, the NPAs will burn down one or two of those buses. If the businessman or woman continues with their utter disregard, kiss your ass goodbye!

Regardless of all these negativities, I still love my Philippines. Everything has a solution.

1. Calling all Christians all over to pray for our government, the military, and the police.
2. The media, the good ones. We need your help in exposing the demented government and media workers.
3. Relatives, family members and friends of the corrupted police, journalists, please tell them to stop doing their disgraceful acts.


Tulfo. The Tulfo brothers are TV media journalists who are famous for exposing erring police, government officials, and businessmen. lead by their eldest, Ramon Tulfo.

NBI. National Bureau of Investigation. Philippine government’s premier investigative police department. Perhaps an equivalent to US’s FBI.

CIDG. Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.

NPA. New Peoples’ Army. A leftist movement that started out with a noble cause by battling against the iron fist rule of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the 70s.

Demanding money or property of another by force or by threat.


  1. e currupt kasi ang pinas e… pro mga kumag talaga yang mga yan.. mayayabang lang kasi may kapangyarihan, subukan mong mawala yan sa position tsaka mo hamunin… baka magtatakbo lang yan sa saya ng mga magulang nila… bwahahaha… di bale mga tol… sa impiyerno sila ang ma eextort… bwahahaha… kung di man sa inyo tumama ang karma mga buwaya kayo sa mga anak at apo omahal sa buhay nyo tatama yan… tingnan ko lang kung ano magagawa nyo.

    1. Kung magsalita ka parang kilalang kilala mo mga Tulfo, oi baka insecure ka lng sa success nila, or Bading ka lang na jealouse ka. Kampihan mo mga abosado sa pinas pra isa ka rin matamaan ng mga Tulfo brothers. Kaya wala kayong asenso diyan kasi hila-an kayo sa mga taong they tried to fight crime. Sira ulo ka pala.

    2. deport na po sna ninyo mga koreanong drag addicted lalo na ung mga nka stay s mh.delpilar quirino ave.corner s pension inn tapat ng ginagawang building mga over staying n dto

  2. As addition for the assholes CIDG’s!! These corrupt people also took some of the employees (mainly from 27th floor) personal things like, mugs, displays, ballpens, toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap..etc.). They also pocketed some usb flash disks, computer mouse, hard drives, and dont forget the 3 whole set of desktop computers!.. And worst of all they pig out all the food from the fridge and from the workstations!! what a scumbugs!! Here’s another these “buwayas” also looted coins from alkansyas!.. Why wouldn’t the iWeb and Parwati do some counter attack on these “rats” from the government?, so these shit people will stop milking money! Or conduct a press release?

    1. stop acting smart ya? why?your from a perfect corrupt free nation? your such a dickhead, stop judging as if you know people from there.

  3. My friend works there and he said that they were illegally detained from 10 am to 5 pm last February. Some employees were even harrassed to testify or the NBI will press charges if they wouldn’t comply. Talk about kakapalan ng mukha!!!!

  4. I’m so pissed off at them rioght now. I wish that they would all die a thousand painful deaths…. Damn, those animals!

  5. brad mali yung conversion mo ng dollar to peso (500,000 => 20,000$) ???,,,,,
    correction brad yung mga “NPA” na dinamay mo sigurado ka ba dyan?,,dami ko na naka halubilo na mga ganyan sa bundok(hike/trail),,sa experience ko magtanong ka na sa npa wag lang sa mga sundalo,,dahil mas mayabang sila kesa sa mga npa na sinasabi mo,,may time pa na napag tripan kami ng mga sundalo at kinuha ang mga dala naming mga pagkain pa “arbor” daw,,pero ni minsan di namin dinanas sa mga npa sila pa nga ang magagalang,,bago mo ikumpara yang mga parasitiko ng lipunan natin ngayon.. lingon muna pare… lingon

  6. @ako_si_tulfo
    Yes, NPA are into extortion also, unfortunately. I was once a into leftist movement during my teenage years (HS and college), now abhor their ideology.

    AFP are no better than the ones i listed above. I forgot to include them though i planned of putting them before i wrote this blog entry.

  7. How come those idiots that we call “law enforcers” don’t go after the real criminals of this sick society but instead harrass and milk money from legitimate companies that pay the right taxes (which, by the way, is where they get their salaries from…). Is it because they couldn’t run after the real crooks because their too lazy run after them and ’cause their bellies are getting in the way. Why won’t they do their freakin’ jobs cathing the crooks instead of terrorizing people. Those stupid mother#@*%ers!

  8. pati nga yung headset ng ibang kasama namin sa office, kinuha nila e. yung mga headsets na yun, personal headsets ha. and they have the nerves to take them. such thieves!

  9. sa dami din kase at lawak ng saklaw ng mga NPA di din natin alam kung yung mga nag e extort na tinutukoy mo ay siya paring mga lehitimo at mga orihinal na miyembro o baka naman meron ding mga parasitiko na gumagamit sa kanila,,ayon sa aking pagkakakilala sa mga nakaka usap kong mga npa sa bundok sila mismo ay namumuhi sa mga sangay ng gobyerno na patuloy na bumubulok sa ating lipunan,,nuong una ay ganyan din ang aking pananaw sa kanila:abusado,mandarambong,kriminal,, ngunit ito ay tumaliwas nang sila ay aking nakausap,,iisa ang kanilang mithiin at pananaw ito ay labanan ang nabubulok na systema na patuloy na humihila sa atin pababa —mabuhay ka, ka joma!

  10. pota! may baril lang kayo…mano mano na lang. konting angat lang sa lupa akala mo kung sino na kayo? ang taas na kagad ng lipad nyo. ndi pa nakakatagal sa paglipad. umayos kayo! ndi kayo matapang kung tutuusin. HOY FYI kami ang nag papasahod sa inyo dahil nagbabayad kami ng TAX….mahiya KAYO! ano na lang ang ikukwento mo sa mga anak mo at magiging apo ha! kayabangan, kahindutan, kabobohan. dahil may baril ka, matapang ka na! HOY mawisik wisik ka naman para magising ka!!! THAT’s ALL FOLKS!

  11. btw totoo bang nakuhanan ng video c Tulfo? possible bang makita ung vid at pinalabas sa tv? may nakapagrecord ba nun? posible kayang makita yung vid? tanong lang…

  12. @anak_ng_tupa
    It was the Tulfo’s cameraman that got caught on cam.

    About NPA. They enforce “revolutionary tax” on civilians. Revolutionary tax is another flowery word for Extortion.

  13. ang lungsod nga nasayud, mao’y makahata’g kusog sa demokrasya. apan ang lungsod nga mapasagaron, mao’y makapukan sa kagawasan. – atty. r. canoy

  14. hay naku, i just wish u are in you are awre of the would be outcome of this, i hope that you know who is Ramon Tulfo and what are the Tulfo’s are capable of…all i can say is, goodluck, and may you get what you really want, plus take a loads of ingat and dont forget to look behind your shoulders..

  15. Chocolate na nakagatan na na halos kalahati na eh pinatos pa. yan ang tunay na pulis. Nagsisigawan sila nagmumura at parang sila ang hari. tinatakot nila ang empleyado ang kung di babaligtad sa kumpanya eh kakasuhan. Binatukan pa ng 2 beses na halos mapasubsob sa monitor ng computer ang isa sa pinakatahimik na empleyado at may lakas pang sumigaw ang bumatok na “SINO ANG NAG REREKLAMO!!! SUMAMA SAKEN SA KABILA AT MAGREKLAMO KAYO SA KASMA KO!!” ay engot pala. ngreklamo eh sa ksama din nya. wlang kenta. pero sana nkpagreklamo ang empleyadong yun kaso wlang baback up sa isang empleyadong katulad nya. may oras din kayo!!! ang lalaki ang katawan nyo eh umaasa lang kayo sa mga perang pinagtrabahuhan ng iba!!! wala talga kayong mga hiya!!! sana malaman ng pamilya nyo ang mga kabulastugan na pinaggagagawa ninyo!!!

  16. sorry gwapito need to say this

    to reklamador15: magpakilala ka wag kang mag tago sa isang psuedo.. para fair di ba.. kilala ng lahat kung sinong tinitira mo pero di mo kayang magpakilala.. tsk tsk..

  17. anak_ng_tupa

    Yes I Read your Comment pare, Pero I think You should learn company Ethics Of Confidentiality…
    Ok ang Ibang Comment mo, pero Your Exploiting your Own Company… And your Working there as well? tama ba ako?

    I mean kong may Prob ka sa HR nyo. Dun ka Umangal, walang magagawa ang Furom na to sa Problema mo sa Company na pinag tratrabahuan mo…

    Other than that… Welcome to the Philippines, Bread and butter na talaga ang Corruption!

  18. Hi Rob,

    I don’t have any idea about RSS yet, but there are RSS links on the bottom of this page, that’s probably what you were looking for.

  19. like what i said.. pinagpapasapasahan lng mga prob sa HR kung sansan ka ituturo hanggang sa kalimutan na lang.. wala talaga nangyayari.. kapag may nagrereklamo ng gaya ko, lagi na lang sasabihing “confidentiality ek ek… at dapat sa HR magreklamo eh “WALA NGA GINAGAWA ANG HR” same issues na paulit-ulit

  20. @wonderlash and blush

    anak ng …. kaya nga may pseudo dahil ayaw magpakilala eh.. engot! un naman talaga gusto ko iparating eh..

    hay nako alam ko naman kahit magreklamo ako d2 walang mangyayari.. i was just wondering kung nakakaramdam talaga sila..

    hay ..

    sana lang di nyo lagyan ng Tax ang Double Pay and other stuff na di naman dapat taxable! hehe humirit pa eh no? sensya na.. reklamador lang..

    @tupa sori ha akala ko kasi may magagawa msg ko d2 eh.. tama ka wala nga…

    jeffrey ok lang. sorry din , bumaho tong site mo dahil sakin.. just cant help it

  21. reklamador15: pumunta ka na daw sa hr ngayon na.. at dun mo ilathala ang mga REKLAMO MO.. and its sooooo pathetic to use engot.. sa bahay nyo siguro engot din ang tawagan nyo.. poor you.. you can hide for as long as you want.. its your choice.
    kung galit ka din sa management wala namang bond para sabihin mong di ka pwede mag resign right?..

  22. @wonderlash and blush
    engot ka naman talaga eh? ano bang better word? gusto mo STUPID para sosyal? bakit nga ako pupunta eh ayoko nga magpakilala… apektado ka masyado kasi totoo naman sinasabi ko…di lang nmn ako nakakaramdam nun no… at bakit dun pa? eh nagreklamo na nga ako dito marunong naman kayo magbasa.. at kung di ka ba nmn talaga engot eh sinabi ko na nga na matagal na ang mga reklamong yan WALA NAMANG NANGYAYARI!!!

    at kailangan maraming “o” sa “its sooooo pathetic to use engot” bakit ano kaba sosyal na bakla?? ikaw ang pathetic! ano bagong lengwahe ba yan? para lang maempasize ang ka landian mo? heheh!

    cge na aalis na ako, need to find a new work…

    ~the truth hurts… so we lie! lolz!

  23. Buti nga… nakakainis yung mga yan grabe mag sensationalized ng mga issue without even hearing both sides of the story. They tend to monopolize on the media hype, I doubt if they really want to help marami sa mga ine expose nila ang result napapahiya lang yung mga akusado and then wala na

  24. Sira talaga mga tuktok ng mga yan! Pera lang tlga habol ng mga yan, isang nakuha ko pa na news eh yung head ng NBI na ng-raid nung nasa Makati pa kami eh meron ng bagong Toyota Innova.. Isipin nyo na lang san nangaling ang pera ng bugoy na yun!

  25. Yes you are right these should be stop. Just like Noli De Castro?
    Let us exchange link, i am from Cagayan De Oro. Good you have tagalog or English to Cebuano dictionary.

  26. skillz – sa hirap ng buhay ngayon kaya nila nagagawa yan. we should understand their situation and we should confirm first if these allegations against these law enforcement officers are true. [edited]

  27. ex-parwati employee – most nbi agents and investigators worked at private companies and banks before becoming law enforcers. most also have established their own businesses before entering the bureau.

  28. I am a CIDG Confidential Agent or “CA”. Personally, I volunteered last year to know what’s really inside in this organization and because also of my interest to carry firearms like my friends do. Although it is under the PNP but it seems that CIDG seems to be the elite police a “policeman of the policemen” smarter and trained than the regular rank and file personnel.

    My first “kotong” encounter was when we stopped and searched a timber smuggler. The vehicle was successfully converted to look like a passenger jeep but with a powerful Canter engine and with expired yellow plate. It was not ferrying passengers but rather smuggled lumber of lawaan and hardwood species in various sizes to be delivered to a buyer-retailer and shall be sold beside in our municipal pier.

    So we stayed from 12:00 am drinking and slapping the bites of the mosquitoes beneath the canopy of the surrounding trees while we are waiting for the coming of the jeep. We consumed a long-neck Emperador brandy and by around 3:00 am the sound of the jeep’s engine was already identified coming uphill. The jeep was really powerful that in spite of its load it was able to carry the lumber effortlessly. The jeep has a motorcycle escort scouting the highway in advance about 100-200 meters or 10 minutes away and if it encounters some anomalous parked vehicles it swerves back and inform the jeep with smuggled lumber to stop or return to the sawmill or talyer about 3 kilometers away.

    We divided our team into three groups. Three were aboard the stainless steel jeep and the two other rode in a motorcycle each with 2 personnel. One of our motorcycle has chased the advance motorcycle escort and our stainless steel jeep has overtaken the smuggler jeep and flagged it down to stopped. So we searched the vehicle and the owner told us that there was no lumber. Indeed, if you are not curious you would declare the jeep clean and let it go away. But upon opening the cargo enveloped with blue mantle the lumber was unveiled to us. The the woman owner told us that the lumber was only few and she has a compromise so she told us to let her go. But upon inspecting the bottom of the jeep and at the roof-top the jeep was fully stuffed with good lumber. Some smuggling disguise coco-lumber or copra on display while beneath the piles are the good lumber.

    So the haggling start. Our team leader asked for the jeep as exhibit and leave the lumber to the owner while the owner haggled to leave the lumber and allow them to leave with the unlicensed jeep. The other option of the owner was to let them go back to their sawmill. Being an illegallista a smart woman is a good negotiator and she is capable to offer the “unexpected” things to tempt or to titillate the earthly desire of the male operatives.

    But the sound of the money is already tingling in the ears of my companions. So I listened to the transaction and did not do anything being a neophyte. The woman boarded our stainless steel jeep then proceeded to the town to get money from her buyer but rather opted later to go to her brother so as not to expose her buyer’s identity. Then, at 4:00 am our jeep has arrived with the money (a Canter jeep is worth 500,000 and the lumber perhaps 20,000) but the grease money is only about ten thousand so by simple mathematics the smart smuggler opted for the lesser amount.

    We therefore get the money and proceeded to the market to eat our early breakfast meal. I received my share in the afternoon for the reimbursement of my gasoline expenses, errand participation and text messages during the operation.

    What I know from our team leader was that, his “RC” Regional Chief has a birthday the following week and he has to produce money for his pork lechon gift during his natal day and decided to make a this highway robbery act to please his boss “fatal” day.

    Why our group has not arrested the jeep as to my suggestion its because the buyer of the lumber is also giving the office with weekly payola of 500-1000 used for buying text load by our Team Leader in monitoring the illegal activities in his command area having no allowance from the CIDG Regional Office. It appears that the money extorted from illegal activities was also used for the surveillance, office supplies, food, entertainment, pocket money for the confidential agents, operational expenses, etc.

    Then the lowly paid operatives are sending their salary to their family through ATM and when the money sent is short their “wives” and children will be starving and stopped from their schooling.

    So the vicious cycle is repeated exhorting, birthday parties, fiesta celebrations, night clubs, kabits, queridas, surveillance, hot pursuit operations and the like. I presume that the same cycle is propagated at the timber smuggler camp – police payola, family needs, maintenance of the their high cost of living, illegal operations, etc. The unemployed are also selling illegal lumber for a gain of few centavos to meet their needs. All of this at the expense of the environment and lost income of the BIR, also a corrupt agency mandated to collect billions perhaps trillions being remitted to the executive, judiciary and legislative bodies perceived by foreigners as also rigged with graft and corrupt practices.

    If you file a case against the smugglers, the office has no competent legal personnel to handle the case so the court battle is lost in favor of the illegallistas and wealthy smugglers. So why file the case and get unexpected results (i.e. administrative cases)? Why not just extort money to maintain the status qou? As I assess the situation the corruption will go on perpetually. The never ending story of the good and evil battle will never be won until our Maker returns to this planet.

    And after giving the lechon to the RC our ID’s as CA’s or informants was already approved. Our performance will be assessed and our appointment will be renewed after 6 months. If we cannot live-up to the expectations of our Team Leader our appointment will be canceled, our mission orders will be recalled and our permit to carry weapon (side arms) will be no longer authorized. Hence, our personal interests (business protection and being somebody) in our barangays shall be no longer “respected”.

    Being a typical masochist society our “pagkalalaki” and being “siga” in the streets will be significantly reduced. Our role as security personnel and close-in body guards to our provincial governor and municipal mayor will be drastically affected and if our being CA is being recalled or canceled then goodbye to our 0.380, 0.357, 0.45, UZI, MP5, baby Armalite, etc. and our family will be starving and without firearm licenses we will be forced to look for money through the power of our guns. The CIDG will now issue a warrant of arrest against us, turning our long-time friends into foes just because of MONEY!

  29. isama nyo na sa libingan mga MMDA walang ginawa kundi manghuli lang magtanung ka huhulihin ka , mapatabi ka lang huhulihin ka . ano bang tulong nila ? di naman makapag turo ng direksyon man lang hawak agad ay tiket at hihingin agad lisensya mo magtanung ka lang kung anu violation resisting arrest daw ano ba yan mga buwaya pakitaan mo ng datung at itatago agad ang tiket nila at itapon na lang daw ang pera sa ibaba . sana naman po may matinong MMDA na pwedeng pagtanungan pwede hingian ng tulong , pwede mo maka usap at hinde mo katatakutan at tataguan . hay ang mga lintek na yan !

  30. Saw this article from a friend’s blog, I’d say it brought a lot of memories too, hahaha! Funny thing, the girl who got harassed by those jerks (2nd Raid) happens to be a good friend of mine. Nagkandarapa nga ang mga taga-NBI na hanapin ako kasi di nila mapahinto sa iyak yung friend ko. Man, those men are shameless, that’s obvious.

  31. No human government is perfect. Kahit sinong president or officials ang ilagay tlagang di mawawala ang ganyan.

    Only God’s Kingdom will solve everything. Only God’s Kingdom is consider as perfect government.

    How to achieve it?

    Supporting Bible passage:

    Jeremiah 10:10 (name of truth God)
    John 17:3 (Requirements)
    Revelation: 21:4 (Perfect government)

  32. lingon daw lingon. wag na pagsuapan yun. ang intimdihin mo eh yung ginawa mo. dmi mo p sinasabi. alam mo sa sarili mo yun. takbo takbo takbo ^^,… kawawa naman yung driver mo…

  33. kawawa naman pamilya mo..pinapakain mo sa mga kalokohan mo..alam kong bestfriend mo sila mike arroyo at atty esmeralda..

  34. alam kong galit kau kila tulfo kasi nabisto na ang pamumuhay nyo..binubuhay nyo pamilya nyo sa kalokohan nyo..magkano na bang nabigay ni mike arroyo sa inyo..natapos na ba ang mga anak nyo sa pagaaral nyo..?kaw atty esmeralda.. bakit napromote ka dyan sa pwesto mo sa nbi eh..tanga bobo ka naman..dahil kay mike arroyo..bantayan mo na lang sila mike..baka atakihin ulit sa puso..hindi ka na ma promote sa pwesto mo..alam kong madame ka nang pera..pede ka ng magresign..sa trabahong mong kurakot..lahat yata ng kaso mo palpak..hindi ko alam kong bakit ka andyan ngayon sa pwesto mo..kalbo ka pala..alam kong madame kang kabit..alam ba ng pamilya mo too..bakla ka pala nagoorder ka ng lalake..

  35. atty esmeralda..bakla..madame kalokohan sa nbi binubuhay ang pamilya sa mga kalokohan nya..noli sugay..at mike arroyo..mga demonyo..kau..at fundy soriano…bakla malaking bunganga..alam kung ikakahiya kau ng mga pamilya nyio dahil binubuhay nyo sila sa mga kalokohan nyo..

  36. sinong Tulfo ba? they are 4 brothers na kilala. i think. but sino sa kanila? name it. Magkakaiba kase sila.

    And i agree with ako_si_tulfo… i’ve been with NPAs also. And i experienced respect, good manners from them, at pinag-aralan namin ang buhay sa baryo kasama ang mga sundalo at NPA. Government authrities suck! wala silang pakialam kung magutom ang mga tao sa baryo basta sila ang makikinabang ng kung anong meron ang mga naghihirap don. Pati mga alagang hayop hinuhuli nila ng walang paalam sa may-ari. That’s unfair! But NPA members respect the people there.

    the NBI and CIDG…whew!! nakikinabang sila sa mga nara-raid nilang mga gamit.. katulad sila ng mga MMDA.. wala silang awa kung paghahampasin nila yung mga matatanda at babaeng tindera. One time nakita ko namin sila na nag-operate sa Baclaran, walang awa tlgang sinaktan nila yung mga tindera don. Pero sa totoo lang, pinagpaparti-partihan lang nila lahat ng nakukumpiska nilang mga paninda. Dahil may nakilala akong tindero na nag-cclaim ng paninda nya sa office ng MMDA, pero wala na daw. Kawawa naman lahat ng biktima ng MMDA! kakaunti lang yung puhunan, pinuwersa pa’ng kunin sa kanila! Mas gusto yata ng BOSSING nila ay magnakaw na lang lahat ng taong may kakarampot na puhunan sa pagtitinda. Gusto rin nilang mabuhay ng marangal! Hindi tulad n’yo!

  37. May kapit kasi sa militar yn sina tulfo.mga pulis,hndi n kailangan immemorized yn! baliin dapat leeg nyang mga yn.NPA, si joma dapat humarap at lumaban sa gobyerno,hindi ang mga mlliit n isisnusubo nila

  38. ang mga MMDA din mkkapal ang mkha.parang hindi nila nrranasan ang buhay ng mga mahhirap.para silang mga bobong aso n sumusunod lang sa makapal n mkha ng chairman nila!baka nhihibang si fernando,na nangangarap maging presidente.walang boboto sa ulol n yn! un mga poster nya yan ang eyesore dapat tangalin.parang palaging may muta ang mata.feeling pogi ang gago.dapat dyn sa mga yn hagisan ng granada!

  39. Sa mga pulis ng Detachment enforcement Unit sa 174 ng sto domingo pampanga ng angeles city kakapal ng mga mukha nyo kc mga “HULIDAP” na mga pulis kau mga magnanakaw kau! di na kau nahiya sa balat nyo alam kaya ng pamilya nyo mga ginagawa nyo na ang perang kinukuha nyo sapilitan ay nakaw!
    ito pala sa mga pulis ng D.E.U alam nyo na kung sino kau lalo na ung matandang may kabit na may malaking cyber dito sa angeles at ung isang matabang maitim na mayabang at rapist na nangbastos isa sa amin ay sana mamatay na, na nagnakaw pa nang pera ko!! mga walang hiya talaga kayo wala kayong alam gawin kundi magnakaw ng pera sa mga taong inosente! magaling pa kayo mag set up ng tao para makanakaw ng pera! mga wala kayong awa sa inaabuso nyong walang kaalam alam sa mga binibintang nyo! drugs daw???? talaga lang hah!! eh kung kayo kaya pa drug test namin hah?.. mga mukha pa nga kayong drug addict samin.. mga babaero pa kayo! tama bang makipag halikan kayo sa harapan namin habang kinulong nyo kami ng walang kasalanan! malala na talaga kayo!at talamak na kayo sa gawain nyong yan wag na kayong mag suot ng pulis uniform nyo hindi nyo bagay..sabagay ung pinangkukuha nyo sa mga bar girls ay kuha nyo rin samin mga magnanakaw kayo!sarap kayong pugutan ng ulo! mga walang hiya kayo alam nyo bang hindi kayo aasenso sa ginagawa nyo! all god knows?.. “MAKAKARMA DIN KAYO!!” kasama pati pamilya nyo..

  40. para kay dell 600m pano kami magsusumbong kay mike enriquez???? may alam kabang contact nya kasi biktima kami ng mga hulidap na pulis na withdraw mga pera namin sa ATM extortion ang nangyari anyone can help us? please……….

  41. Bawal ang porn diba dito sa Pilipinas?? Kahit Amerikano man ang content ng website mo or prior, lumalabas PAMBUBUGAW yun. International BUGAWAN. Ginagamit ang mga Filipino workers para maging part ng pambubugaw nila. Hinde ba bawal ang pambubugaw? Mga awtoridad, wala akong duda dyan.. EXTORTIONIST talaga ang mga yan..

    Saan nasasabi sa batas na PWEDE kang mag-operate ng ADULT BUSINESS dito sa Pilipinas.. At saan din nasasabi na may EXCEPTION ang mga NON-FILIPINO content sa CYBER ADULT INDUSTRY business kapag nagtayo ka dito sa Pilipinas??

    email nyo ako: thicknbig007@yahoo.com

  42. to 3 angel…

    cnu cnu ba mga tinutukoy m? puede natin ireklamo yan sa proper venue…mas ok cguro pa media na lang. mga buwaya ..

  43. Dear Sir,

    Im working before to Aemed Inc., This is a medical and surgical supplier. Ive worked for 7 years and 11 months. My boss terminate me last saturday because was just late for 30 minutes. That was March 14. When i arrived to the office they did not open the gate for me and my officemate went to the gate and giving me a paper and a pen just for me to make a resignation. In short my boss told her to tell me to make a resignation letter. My boss wants to force me to make resignation letter. I texted my boss that i dont want to resign and then he texted my officemate that said. tell her ok , she has to find her lawyer and i will give her a double case that she wants. I went to barangay and report for what he did to me. What i want is to get my last pay and also my separation pay. Because i worked with them for more that 7 years and then suddenly they will terminate me for the reason that i dont know. March 23 when me and my boss have a meeting with the barangay. On that meeting he insist that he will not give my last pay because he said that i steal to the company. I never received any memo or any letter with me that i still to the company. i was so surpriced when he said that. I told him that why he said that? they never allow me to enter to the office on that time and then suddenly he will tell me that i steal? I never believe that my boss will do that to me for the long terms that i’am faithfully worked with AEMED.
    On my day at Aemed there are so many things that happened most of the time when there is an employee resigned the last pay that supposed they have to get they will released to that employee, i dont know why even with me they do that. It was so unfair on my part. After the meeting with the barangay i texted my boss that i’am not the one who did what he said to me , i told him that i can prove it to him. then i receive a text with him and said that if i will not returned the G-Cash for the load of Med rep, coin purse of her wife (this coin purse is sale when they have a garage sale), money for the garage sale he will make a report to Philippines embassy to blacklisted my visa going to USA. Now i know that why he is doing that not to give my money is because he know that that i don’t want to have a case because i will go to USA. But i was just wanted to get the money that i worked for how many years and i know this is right. How can i explained my side wherein on that time all the papers are in the office. i know my boss he know how to manipulate everything, eventhough u are good he can make u bad. I know him because i worked with them for so many years and for that time i learned that they are not capable to have a company because they never respect their employee’s right.

    Id like to ask if does the embassy accept the accusation of my boss eventhough im the one who will file him a case to DOLE? Pls. help me . thank you and God Bless.

  44. Sir:
    Ask ko lang po kasi yung agency(Javier) ng mister ko eh hinuli yung mga empleyado at ikinulong sa camp crame. Ngayon po pinag pafile sila ng case laban sa javier na bother lang po ako sa mga nabasa ko kasi hinihingan sila ng pampa photocopy daw na 50 copies at pinaghahanda rin sila ng payment para daw sa pag pa file ng case, naloko na po kami ng agency pati po kaya itong CIDG peperahan din kami.

  45. bk po pde mkhingi ng # ng any applcnt s javier.ngayon ko lng nblitaan ung raid s agency.cno b pde ko lpitan pr mkuha ko ung pport at pera n 5K.lst money ko n un.jan. Dis yr aq nag-apply s javier.ntuwa aq kc un lng dwang bbydan.hnhntay ko lng ung tawag n job s Guam tpos fake pla.help me nmn..G0d help us..

  46. very true, yang mga Tulfos ay mga extortionist. Hindi pumayag magbayad ang magulang ko kaya kanina lumusob mga pulis sa factory namin at sinunog ung bodega at hinuli ung guard at ilang worker. Wala silang warrant of arrest.

  47. keep up the good work………………there doing good job .warn you live them alone//////// u guy …. cant do anythimg in public they need tulfo brothers….

  48. oo nga mga extortionist ang mga tulfo. alam na alam na ito sa mga merchant sa binondo, strategy nila ay maghanap ng “inaapi” tapos maghahanap ng legal technicality sa pinagtratrabahuhan ng sinabing “inaapi”. kung ayaw mag”donate” para makatulong sa “program” nila, tuloy ang palabas.

  49. sandamukal na adik sa lugar sa namin lugar nd maaksyonan even musmos na bata alam kung anu ang shabu! ‘government in subic sambales’gising!!! PLS. bigyan nio naman ng pansin ang Prk.6A bracero st. calapacuan subic zambales. near in whiterock muslim area. nangangamba ako na baka pag dating ng araw pati mga bata sa amin lugar gumagamit narin ng pinagbabawal na gamot!. tnx. and god bless

  50. Mga criminal kasi kayo kaya ganyan ang mga komento ninyo. Mabuti pa, matuto muna kayong magbasa at sumulat at siguro ay pagbutihan din ninyo na magaral ng sa gayon ay hindi kayo masadlak na mamuhay na parang mga daga at ipis!

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