The Root of Racial Discrimination

Money is generally the root of racial or ethnical discrimination. It’s not about the color of the skin, not the accent or the language, nor about the educational status. It’s money.

Money has also used the media to indirectly or directly support racial or ethnical discrimination. Money in itself is not bad.

Caucasians. Why do the Caucasians (used to or still) think of their race as higher than the other races? You can answer it by yourself by looking at the countries dominated by the white people. Let me name a few like England, USA, Germany, France, Australia, Spain, Belgium. These countries belong to the first world category. They were the first to cover their selves with cloth while at the time the Southeast Asians and South Americans were still wearing leaves and shrubs.

Since the white race has the money, automatically they have the control over many things including the media. They’re always on TV; by default they portray themselves as heroes, whereas the Persians are villains just like in the 300 movie. Ironically, Persians used to think of themselves highly when they used to be in command of more than half of the world during the BC period.

Caucasians, always remember that the barbarians(Germanic or Celtic) were white.

Language and Accent. The major languages such as English, French, and Spanish are regarded as premium languages. These languages are widely spoken in rich countries. You always hear or read them on practically all the avenues of communications, be it print, television, radio and the internet.

America and England are vying for the top spot as to who has the correct accent and correct English. Both of these countries belong to the first world group. Both of these countries are kings over the media kingdom.

People who are in the poorer countries think about their own language as second rate. When they hear a person who speaks Hollywood English or England English, they either looked up to that person with respect or hate him because of envy.

In the Philippines, the Tagalog-speaking Filipinos in Manila have the penchant to negatively discriminate provincial languages or dialects and accents. Ironically, they even spread the wrong thinking that they have the correct English pronunciation. The discrimination has reached to the extent that it’s ethnical. If you are from the province and your accent doesnt sound like the Manila language, you’re a second class citizen. Manila is the capital and the richest city. They have the money. They virtually are in charge of television and radio.

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Disclaimer: This is purely my personal opinion. Although not an opinion I just picked up someplace, but based on my own experience and calculated observation. I am not academically knowledgeable about human behavior; however Psychology was one of my favorite subjects back in college.


  1. you nailed it, man. sometimes discrimination persists because the aggrieved party refuses to resist the abuse. It’s been so deeply-ingrained in our third-world psyche that it would probably take millennia to erase it.

  2. Language and Accent

    Wha! I can relate… as an ilonggo na lumaki sa Cavite, at Muling nag College sa Iloilo, I couldn’t longer keep track of my damn language and accent!…

    Kong sa cavute ka tatawagin ka nilang Bisaya!
    kapag nasa bisayas kna man tawag sayo ALOG!

    Nice post Dudes!!!

  3. I think you are quite right. Money is the root of racial discrimination. White people tend to be nervous of raising the subject of race and education, but are often voluble on the issue if a black person brings it up. Bristish complaines a lot about the bad performance of Afro-Caribbeans, who are tend to be poor. So to get a better idea of whether race, rather than poverty, is the problem. Besides, I think racial discrimination in the USA also has something to do with their religions. The top tier of American society is dominated by the WASP, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. They think ethnic groups with no tradition of Protestant are ungracious and inferior. They don’t even think about giving those groups some room in their society.

  4. i’m sorry but i can’t help to disagree. racism does not involve money. one can not deny the propensity of blacks to make money — music, business, drugs, etc. asians are a generally wealthy population here in the states but they are discriminated just as well as black and hispanice people. it comes from the belief that other cultures are just not as advanced as yours. mainly, it goes back to ignorance of other cultures.

    manila may be the center of finance in the country but they have more impoverished people than whereever they compare themselves to. they should know that iloilo comes second to manila when moving volumes of money and cebu comes third. visayan and mindanao banks borrow money from iloilo. people have the capital even though people live a modest life.

    protestants back then were as a matter of fact discriminated to the point of being executed too. but now in modern times, religion does not affect much of the average american’s life since america is not as religious as the rest of the world. it may help to know that most blacks are protestants. catholics are more inclined to discriminate. i’d feel stupid if i had to expound on this.

  5. youre absolutely right…what else does a man of the so-called elite do for the world if all he can do is to be part of such race? people, be awakened, I do not care if you are white as snow or your country is first-world, all I care about is if you can make this world better…

    so to you proud Caucasians, Americans, French, English or Manilenos (who always discriminate Visayans like me), better do something or lose everything… shut it off and make something for a change…


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