Places in the Philippines I'd Like to Visit

Not just “like”, I would love to visit these places in the Philippines in the next five (5) years.

Since I was kid, I dreamed of one day visiting these places.

Baguio – called “the summer capital of the Philippines”, because even its hottest part of the day is the coldest in some places in the country.

Davao City – the largest city in the world.

Cebu City – although I used to live here for fifteen years, the queen city of the south will always be my queen.

Boracay – who does not want to go there? Practically every one wants to go there including me.

Marawi City – Actually, I’ve been there once, but I was only within MSU campus premises becauseĀ  this city often regarded as one of the most dangerous places in the Philippines, makes me want to visit it.

Jolo – the remote island in the southern part Mindanao. I’m just curious what this place actually looks like.

Batangas City – the accent of people living there is my primary reason. I’d like to hear them speak right in their own city.

Updated (added new cities)

Tawi-Tawi – the remotest island in the Philippines. Just like Jolo, curiosity is the reason why I want to visit, the second is to disprove to other Pinoys the notion about this place.


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