Love Tips for Men

To celebrate today’s valentine’s day, i’m giving out a few love advices for men for free. These tips of mine are guaranteed more than 50% effectivity rate :D. I’ve used it many times over and has been successful for the most part.

These tips are for men with good motives in pursuing the woman they seriously like or love. If you’re into sex, well this is not for you.

1. Control yourself. When you see a pretty woman for the first time and inching to get know about her. Learn to control yourself. Don’t ask for her number or address right away. Just be “wholesomely” friendly with her, hide your “interest” in her.

Show a little signs that you like her, but don’t show your motive that you like to date her the next day. Whoah.

2. Eye show. Show through your eyes that you like her. Let your eyes do the talking.

3. Care for her. Help her something out in trivial things, like carrying her bag or her friend’s, not just hers. But do this gradually. Again, hide something for yourself and for the future..hehe.

4. Less texts. Dont send out text messages too much.

The keyword is “gradual” or “self control.”

Take care! Adios Amigos!

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