I Spend My Money Like I'm Investing in a Business

Basically, this is my principle now. Althought i’m still in my baby steps, hopefully i could do this on a constant basis.

When i spend my money on something, i make sure that it will give me something in return, mostly monetary.

I have a dream to become a millionaire, seriously.

Some examples:

  • I subscribed for an internet connection because it gives me an additional income. I make money from the internet by blogging, designing websites and making graphics.
  • I bought a Nikon DSLR camera not because i just waste my time taking pictures. Yes, I enjoy doing it, and it also gives me an additional income. I submit my photos to iStockphoto.com and i get a commission in every download.
  • I bought a PSP not only to fill the boredom that i may encounter, but also for my spiritual investment. PSP can run a bible. It has help me in learning the songs for our Christmas cantata in church.
  • I will buy an all-in-one-printer next year, hopefully by January. This type of printer not only saves me money, but this can help me add income for me monthly. I will make illustrations, scan it and submit it to iStockphoto.
  • I’m going back to Cebu this Christmas vacation. This will not only be a time to reunite with friends, but also a time to take a lot of pictures around Cebu City. I need the pictures for my upcoming site: CebuCity.org.

How do you spend your money?


  1. hell no! i do not wear make up, it’s gross. i think only lipstick is acceptable. everytime there’s a special event, i feel like there’s goo on my face because of the make up.

  2. My wife and I have a dream list, which we review periodically. Then we decide on a lifestyle that fits our budget; making sure that we save some money for investments.

    We have good investments that make us feel good, and we have bad investments that make us feel very bad. One lesson we have learned is to study, study, study. The last word you want to hear yourself muttering is, “I regret…” There should be no regrets. There should only be lessons.

    Delayed gratification? I don’t think so. This philosophy almost killed my drive. Now I believe in celebrating every victory you make, but budgeting for it properly. Splurging is something you must do from time to time, but set proper limits.

  3. We have basically the same method.

    Yes, i also make celebrating myself, but sometimes or most of the time i do it too much, hehe…hey i’m still single. Need more discipline in the celebration part.

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