I Auditioned as Lead Vocal for a Band

Yes. But it was in 1995. Back in my teenage college years in USC in Cebu City.

A friend referred me to the guitarist of a band who was looking for a singer. The guitarist gave me a tape, yes a tape, no CDs or USB at the time. So primitive.

Most of the songs in the tape were Seattle sounds like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and a collaboration band/album called Temple of the Dog.

I sucked in the audition. My golden voice (or lack thereof) didn’t work. I also lacked confidence, I was nervous, and most of all I had no timing.

Timing is important for singers, and I did not have that, even up to now.

I may have failed my dream of being in a band. But at least I tried, and it was not a boring teenage years after all.

It was not a total failure though. Months later, I formed a sort of “temporary” or “optional” band. We’ve had one gig in our college of architecture department’s get together party.

I suck as a lead singer, but confident when I’m in a choir haha :D.

This is one of the songs I sang in the audition.

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