Gwapito Will Be On GMA 7


Gwapito will be on national television through GMA 7. The show is Imbestigador, and will be aired on the last Saturday of November. The topic is basically about Filipino nationalism. I will be telling my hate for tagalog movies, and a few other stuff.

Some guy in GMA 7 emailed me, and asked if i would be interested to be interviewed in one of their shows. I did not hesitate. He asked me several questions before doing the actual interview. Aside from the interview, i did some minor acting.

It has been my desire to share my opinions in the local television, regardless of the network. ABS-CBN contacted me months ago for the Media in Focus talk show, but i was three days late when i opened my email inbox. The topic was about Chip Tsao‘s War at Home controversy.

You will know my real name because GMA people don’t want me to use my “Gwapito” moniker.

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