Five Reasons Why being Unfriended on Facebook is Just Okay

From point of view of the one being unfriended.

In the past six (6) months, I noticed that five of my friends who I never debated nor had any violent arguments with, have unfriended me on Facebook.

Initially, my ego gets hurt to be honest. But then, several seconds later, I had to brush myself off the insult dust, and just let it go because of several reasons.

1. It’s their right to unfriend me or anyone. It’s not a crime to do it. If they don’t like me as a person, they can freely unfriend me.

2. If my post offends them, then they can delete me. Even though I myself does not get into debate nor insult their opposing views by commenting on their posts. Nor do I reply to a insulting comment on my own posts.

3. My confident self starts to get up after my ego has been knocked off. My mind would think of “They made a mistake by unfriending me. Someday they would be proud that they have unfriended someone like me.” Or “Mag lumba ra mog linya para makig friend nako in the future.”

Haha. Hambog ra kaayo. Confident gud.

Facebook unfriending

4. In the Bible says, ‘do not respond to an insult with insult’. If unfriending is insulting, just let it go, let it gooo.

5. I take it positively because, the person who unfriended me is honest and direct kesa uban friends na dili mo reply kung mo ask ko questions through private messages.

Go ahead, unfriend me.

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