Doctors Hate Injectable Vitamin C?

The cancer treatment that would likely make doctors earn less.

The treatment, doctors never told you about or hopefully any patient would not mention it, or else doctors would ran out of money to milk from the naive patients.

A friend’s father was told by his doctor his emphysema would never be healed.

Another friend advised my friend to let his father to try injectable vitamin C.

His father returned and told the same doctor about injectable vitamin C, and the doctor was surprised about his patient’s knowledge about the said treatment. Abi siguro niya ignorante hehe…

Nevertheless, the doctored ordered injectable vitamin C, but since their city don’t have any. They had to buy it from Thailand.

After the second injection, the 60 year old father of my friend said “he feels like 16 years old again”

I asked my doctor friends about this, but they never responded to me. 😀

By the way, the US government is banning injectable vitamin C, and would even legally prosecute anyone who would manufacture the miracle drug. It’s not even a drug.

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