Did I Upset Her?

I did something that upset her. Then double that in the next 24 hours, then triple it the next minute.

I was insensitive, but i honestly did it to have fun with her. It was an honest silliness to make a girl smile.

She is no longer responding to my mail, text message.

I was deeply concerned. My work was a bit affected.

Has she lost her interest to continue a friendship with me? Was she simply upset of what i did? Could be she’s just acting silly sweet? It’s one of these three reasons, but i do hope it’s the last one.

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But i’m prepared if the real reason is the first one.

(This post might not interest you, but it needs to come out of me.)

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  1. hey yo…

    you know what the anti-spam (captcha) word was for this reply? it was ‘relax’

    which is what i think you should do 🙂

    relax lang bai!

  2. oh she’s pissed, and she won’t tell you. you will be clueless until you squeeze the truth out of her. why? she’s afraid you’ll get hurt if you knew the truth. just my take on it.

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