Chasing Pavements by Gwapito

It’s a title of a song sang by Adele. The song is basically about a person who always runs after somebody he/she loves even if that somebody has left her/him.

A friend referred me to this song because the song best describes me. I asked my friend, “Why Pavement?” She said, “It’s a poetic way of saying ‘Somebody’.”

I could not agree more with my friend’s description of me.

I maybe Gwapito, I turn and twist women’s heads, but I always chase love. I always chase women for good reasons, and that is to love at least one of them truthfully.

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Even if the woman I love has lost her own love for me, I chase her. I’d do anything to have her back. It happened to me three times, or maybe more. But Gwapito, respects their rights. It’s not in my power to make her love me back again.

God’s love is like this. I just imitate God. Hehe…

Should i give up or should i keep on chasing pavements?

I will forever Chase Pavements.

The lyrics:

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