Andal Ampatuan and Hubert Webb are Innocents

Yes, you read the title right.

These two principal individuals in their respective criminal cases do not deserve the jail. They should be out there with their families, friends, going about what they love to do everyday.

Justice for both Andal Ampatuan and Hubert Webb!

Andal Ampatuan said it was not him who massacred the 58 innocent civilians. He told the media that the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) did it!

As for Hubert Webb, the young people of today who were still in their crib when the massacre of the Vizconde family happened in 1990s basically said that “Hubert Webb is innocent, the evidence clearly shows it.”

See? The above statements are enough to prove their innocence!

So, again. Free Andal Ampatuan and Hubert Webb!


  1. Like what your title gwapito, pero walang ulo. You speak of words that you don’t think, you don’t even know what really happened. Are you a witness to the crime ? or you merely just read it on the newspapers telling Hubert as Guilty. You even compared the Humbert with a Notorious Killer Andal, you should be long lost son of Andal Ampatuan who is now hiding in your mother’s pagina.

  2. I know Gwapito, he’s not actually Gwapito he is Gwapita. He is a self confessed GAY. A former beautician in Quiapo and a prostitute in Luneta. Ilang beses na din nahuli yan ng Bagansya, check mo record nyan sa Luneta Police Station e santambak na, kaya walang credibility yan pag nagsalita ng kung ano man. Sige Gwapito mag kunwari kang playboy pero sa totoo lang nagpapatira ka sa wetpaks he he he.

  3. andal ampatuan as ive seen on tv, hes the mayor of the town and the road which going to the municipal hall had big holes on sides and a bulldozer owned by the municipal was parked there. my question is, if he did not do it, at least he knew something since you cant dug a hole beside the road going to the municipal office without the mayor knowing it. what was the main purpose of those holes where the bodies and the cars were buried?

  4. Guys, guys. Can’t you see this guy just wants attention? Also, clearly, his title is just for “link bait” so his blog would get attention as well. Let’s leave this piece of shit alone. He’s not worth anyone’s time. He’s a shame to the University of San Carlos, a shame to his mother, a shame to his family. He’s a waste of clean air and good soil.

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