Naozumi "Nao" Tsuchiyama

Thanks to Jobstreet. Naozumi “Nao” Tsuchiyama has an amputated right leg, but now wears prosthetics. He is a language instructor, but what he really wanted to be is a boxer. Boxers need a license to become eligible to fight, but […]

Winning is Important

This is the Olympic Creed presented to all athletes during the Olympic Games: “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the […]

Thanks to you Blogsters!

A big thank you to the following blogsters who tagged me on their weblogs. Benj – Tess Termulo – EmpressMaruja – Aries the Warrior Princess – iLookTiny – HariSkwatir – PinoyBlurker Bingskee – […]

Sexual Harassment

I love talking about truths, especially the truth about ourselves that we have little or no idea that we have it or do it. This time it’s about women, again. The subject is about sexual harassment. I believe this is […]

Next In Line to Growing Old

I just turned 34 today, August 16. Many things have changed. Some things have delayed changes, like my good looks. When i was a teenager, Afterimage’s song Next In Line used to be one of my favorites because it has […]

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