Sharia Law in Belgium a Scary Possibility

Of all countries in Europe, Belgium could become an Islamic country in one or two decades from now, and the fascist and notorious Sharia Law could run the country, depriving of freedom majority of its citizens especially women.

Before I continue, let me give you a brief background of what exactly is a Sharia Law.

Sharia is a moral and religious law based on the Koran and Sunnah integrated into the political law of the land. The most affected of this law are the women and the gays and lesbians. Women would be deprived of freedom of speech and strictly conservative clothing , and the gays and lesbians are stoned to death. Although the Sharia’s execution varies from country to country in the Middle East.

The type of Sharia to be imposed in Belgium depends on the Islamic background of the fast growing Muslim population.

What will happen if Belgium becomes an Islamic country?
I could cite Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey. That’s all for now.

Let me focus a bit on Lebanon, because this country is a perfect example for the modern age of how a country would transform if Islam dominates. Lebanon used to be dominated by Christians. As the population of Muslims grew, so were the tensions between the Christians and Muslims, it resulted to the Civil War in 1975 that lasted until 1990.

It maybe different with Belgium, but I’m sure there would be bloodshed.

It says in the 700 Club video, the Muslim population in Brussels, the Capital of Belgium, has about a quarter or 25% and in twenty years it could double (50%).

Here is the video the rising Islamic radicalism in Belgium:

I guess rejecting the Judeo-Christian laws has its rewards. Belgium was the second country in the world to legalize gay marriage after Netherlands.

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