Manila Universities are Overhyped!

Indeed, Manila universities are grossly overhyped as i have written previously.

In the recently published result of the Architecture board exam, UST, a school in Manila got three topnotchers, while the provincial school USC got two topnotchers (top 2 and 4).

Hey UST has 3, and USC has only 2?!

Well, i’m not finished yet.

USC (Univ. of San Carlos) – 68% (13/19) 13 passed out of 19 takers
UST – 56% (35/63) 35 passed out of 63 takers

USC even with few exam takers it still able to have two topnotchers. In numbers that’s 11% excellent students for USC, while UST has only 5% excellent ones.

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Just got lucky?!


On our Architect’s board last 2006, USC had 2 topnotchers, I think UST got 3. USC had 13 passers out of 26, UST had 57 passers out of 144 takers, that’s 50%.

USC with fewer students produced more academically good graduates.

Let me show you the nursing exam results this year (2008). Just the passing percentage.

1 Saint Louis University (Baguio) 146/144 99.00 %
2 Xavier University (Cagayan de Oro) 233/229 98.00 %
3 Silliman University (Dumaguete) 321/312 97.00 %

1 Trinity University of Asia (Trinity – Quezon City, that’s Manila) 41 40 98.00 %
2 Mindanao State University ( Marawi City) 76 74 97.00 %
University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (another Manila, thankfully) 31 30 97.00 %
3 Palawan State University (P. Princesa) 57 54 95.00 %

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Where is the much overhyped UST in the list? UST is way down the list with 75% rate.

Ateneo and De Lasalle probably don’t have architecture and nursing courses.

I have nothing against Manila schools. I just like to encourage those students and graduates from Philippine provincial universities that we “promdis” are clearly at par if not better.

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  2. Not to forget that the topnotcher last year in the bar exam was a ‘promdi’. He did not even attend review school. Studied on his own.

    At least he was humble when the media made a fuzz over him. Unlike Janina San Miguel. Hehehehe.


  3. Eyy Jeff ma men 🙂 I still remember those days , good news and sad news. I agree with the statistics. I strongly believe that its more on the examinee/person’s role on how he prepares for the licensure exam, Regardless on which school or province he came from. Its a proven fact kabsat.

  4. Checked the overall performance lately? Ust is way better than usc. Its also not good to base the hype on two boards. Try basing it on the overall performance(all the board exams). You may also consider the research and publication performance which is the true measure of excellence of a university.

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