How to Handle Yourself When You’re with Conceited People

This is not how to handle the conceited people, but how to handle yourself when you’re around with the usually empty headed high and mighty human beings.

I used to live in a dormitory room which I shared with three other guys. One of my roommates could not stand a minute with my other roommate. I noticed myself that I no longer react negatively the way I used to.

Here are the “tips” I use when am with the self-centered ones.

You are conceited yourself. Don’t wield around the selfish mindset that you are too righteous and don’t have a slightest hint of egoistic attitude.

Do you know why you feel vomiting when you’re with an egoistic person? It is because that egoistic person has beaten you with his own bragging rights.

Be considerate. That conceited person could have come from a troubled family. Probably, he or she has done many good things, but overlooked and unappreciated by those around him or her.

Generally, being able to control yourself will able you to choose your destiny.


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