Change Your Mind, Change Your Future

The title is absolutely not a title without a substance. It is basically my own first hand experience.

What you constantly put in your mind, and literally talk about it. It will someday in one way or another become true. The saying is practically exact, “Be careful what you wished for, or it will come true.”

When I was boy it was my dream of becoming an architect someday. When I dream, I think. I set something up in my mind.

Although I failed on my first two architects’ exam, thank God I made it on the third time. If I had my mind sulked in depression and failure, most likely I still don’t have my architect’s license at this time.

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What you have and where you are at this moment of time is the consequence of what you were thinking a few seconds ago, or yesterday, or last week, or last month, last year, a few years ago, a decade ago, thirty years ago.

So choose the things you have in your mind, it will sooner or later change your future.

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  1. this is so true. i can attest to this. although it might take me an entire article to narrate the story (hahaha..i guess will have to write about, you inspired me..). anyway, i’ve seen an episode in oprah similar to that idea.. very nice post gwapito..more please.. 🙂 cheers!

  2. Sunchoke, anyone can master it, but you have to forcefully beat the negativities around you.

    rjmarmol, hey thanks that you were inspired. It is fitting that this article belongs to the inspirational category.

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