Oh yes! My Site has Been Nominated!

Hahaha! My site has been nominated for the most coveted online award “Filipino Blog of the Century” okay okay, it’s just “Filipino Blog of the Week” being done by Talksmart of The Composed Gentleman. Just being noticed feels great, regardless of the magnitude of the award or who ran the site.

Indeed, it’s not only my physical body that’s gwapito, but my site too! Yoohooo!

Thanks for the kudos Ajosh, and to other lost visitors of this blog please take time to vote for my site, visit The Composed Gentleman, and click Gwapito in one of the choices at right/middle and a bit lower part of the page.

God bless all of you people of this world!

It's the Empty Can that Makes the Most Noise

“It’s the empty can that makes the most noise, ” is a popular quote which means “a noisy river is a shallow river.” Ooops that’s a quote as well! Haha…

I refuse to be part of the noisy opposing group literally rallying against the president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. But i do my part by praying for the prosperity of the Philippines, been doing it since 1995.

Making a noise against GMA is just futile! She will not step down! Although i don’t like GMA! I really do feel that she’s part of the corruption that is taking place in the government! But i don’t want to be part of all the noises brought by the opposition!

Okay that’s enough, i am making a noise already!!! Hehehe… :D

Being Teachable

I always remind myself to be teachable. Being teachable can produce a heap of beneficial results. We don’t know a lot of things. We are not Mr. and Ms. Know It All. It’s stupid if we are labeled this way.

Whether I am taught by ten to twenty years younger than me or even by seemingly inexperienced human beings, I still follow their advices or teachings. They could be right. But lately, I discovered that being teachable has also its downsides. It cost our football team a defeat.

One of my teammate, younger than me for about eighteen years, but he plays very good, he gave me an advice on what for a goalkeeper to do during a penalty shootout. I don’t have to elaborate what that tip was. I still followed since I have not tried it before.

I conceded four goals when I could have blocked one or two. The other shot went wide.

Still I will always be teachable.

Below, me on red jersey playing goalkeeper.
Be Teachable

Manila Universities are Overhyped!

Indeed, Manila universities are grossly overhyped as i have written previously.

In the recently published result of the Architecture board exam, UST, a school in Manila got three topnotchers, while the provincial school USC got two topnotchers (top 2 and 4).

Hey UST has 3, and USC has only 2?!

Well, i’m not finished yet.

USC (Univ. of San Carlos) – 68% (13/19) 13 passed out of 19 takers
UST – 56% (35/63) 35 passed out of 63 takers

USC even with few exam takers it still able to have two topnotchers. In numbers that’s 11% excellent students for USC, while UST has only 5% excellent ones.

Just got lucky?!


On our Architect’s board last 2006, USC had 2 topnotchers, I think UST got 3. USC had 13 passers out of 26, UST had 57 passers out of 144 takers, that’s 50%.

USC with fewer students produced more academically good graduates.

Let me show you the nursing exam results this year (2008). Just the passing percentage.

1 Saint Louis University (Baguio) 146/144 99.00 %
2 Xavier University (Cagayan de Oro) 233/229 98.00 %
3 Silliman University (Dumaguete) 321/312 97.00 %

1 Trinity University of Asia (Trinity – Quezon City, that’s Manila) 41 40 98.00 %
2 Mindanao State University ( Marawi City) 76 74 97.00 %
University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (another Manila, thankfully) 31 30 97.00 %
3 Palawan State University (P. Princesa) 57 54 95.00 %

Where is the much overhyped UST in the list? UST is way down the list with 75% rate.

Ateneo and De Lasalle probably don’t have architecture and nursing courses.

I have nothing against Manila schools. I just like to encourage those students and graduates from Philippine provincial universities that we “promdis” are clearly at par if not better.

Injustice in America

I often heard a lot of Filipinos talking bad things about the Philippines, while giving a lot praises for America. These Filipinos always compare Philippines and America.

One area that these Filipinos like to talk about is the notorious justice system or you may call it injustice system in Philippines.

Maybe America is famous for upholding justice, but just like any other system, they’re not prefect. Below is an obvious injustice caught on video done by a police himself , even the stupid police’s (below) fellow police officers are conniving to promote injustice (just like in the Philippines).

Love Tips for Men

To celebrate today’s valentine’s day, i’m giving out a few love advices for men for free. These tips of mine are guaranteed more than 50% effectivity rate :D. I’ve used it many times over and has been successful for the most part.

These tips are for men with good motives in pursuing the woman they seriously like or love. If you’re into sex, well this is not for you.

1. Control yourself. When you see a pretty woman for the first time and inching to get know about her. Learn to control yourself. Don’t ask for her number or address right away. Just be “wholesomely” friendly with her, hide your “interest” in her.

Show a little signs that you like her, but don’t show your motive that you like to date her the next day. Whoah.

2. Eye show. Show through your eyes that you like her. Let your eyes do the talking.

3. Care for her. Help her something out in trivial things, like carrying her bag or her friend’s, not just hers. But do this gradually. Again, hide something for yourself and for the future..hehe.

4. Less texts. Dont send out text messages too much.

The keyword is “gradual” or “self control.”

Take care! Adios Amigos!

That Elusive Woman

It has been twelve years since I’ve had my last official girlfriend. I’ve dated several women in that span of time, but they were all just dates, no relationship, no commitment, and no intimate connection whatsoever.

I just don’t get into a relationship, I’ve wrote about this in my past article.

When I pursue the women I really like, they would avoid me. And those women who like me, I just don’t have the interest to like them back.

Whatta dilemma! If that’s a dilemma!

I believe God wants the best for me, “I know who’s the best for you, my son!” Wohoooo! (Is this a cry of happiness or desperation?! Hehe…)

Why Cebu Should Not Be the Capital of the Philippines

Cebu was once the capital of Philippines during the time of the Spanish colonization in the 1500s.

After the Spaniards denuded Cebu of its resources they transferred to Maynila, and made this progressive city as the new capital, it has been up to the present time. I believe Manila would still be the capital in the next one thousand years.

Although Cebu or even Davao is capable of being the capital, but Cebu should not push for this exhausting idea.

Here are my reasons:
1. Focus. Cebu should concentrate on taking care of its economy; maintain the peace and order situation and making the Cebuanos happy. If the Cebu government is good at sustaining the factors I mentioned, investors would shell out their money, businesses would spring up here and there. Consequently, a Cebuano or bisayan television station would arise that the Cebuanos or even surrounding Visayans can relate with.

2. Look at Manila. I don’t like to pessimistic, but presently Philippines is not so good at the moment. Cebu, do you want to be blamed for the ills that this country is having now? But I’m still having optimistic ideas that Manila will do good in the near future. I don’t exactly know when is that “near future” will be.