Africans, the Most Hated Race of All

The African race is perhaps the most hated race of all. Bigot jokes, blatant discrimination, racial prejudice, the monkey chant, the banana toss and all terrible words or acts a hater could imagine are thrown at them. You could witness […]

Fitna the Movie

Fitna, the controversial movie written by Geert Wilders, a Dutch parliamentarian. In the movie, it shows selected morbid Quoran verses, and follows clippings of atrocities committed by Muslim extremists.

Cheap Brands Than Fake Brands

I have a principle that i’ve been practicing for the past seven to eight years. It’s buying “cheap brands” than “fake brands.” I’d rather buy a cheap branded pants than a fake Levi’s jeans. Personally, it’s better getting a Company […]

ABu Sayyaf and ABS-cbn Conspiracy?

Ces Drilon and two of her crew were abducted by the infamous ABu Sayyaf this week. Ms Drilon has been interviewing terrorists before such as NPA, Erap Estrada, MILF, and ABu Sayyaf. Could this be a conspiracy performed together as […]

Fox News: Morally Confusing

First, they dissed Grand Theft Auto, the controversial video game for being violent. But praised the 13 year old boy who stole his dad’s credit card and went on to a shopping spree and hired two hookers. Unknown to Fox […]

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