ABu Sayyaf and ABS-cbn Conspiracy?

Ces Drilon and two of her crew were abducted by the infamous ABu Sayyaf this week. Ms Drilon has been interviewing terrorists before such as NPA, Erap Estrada, MILF, and ABu Sayyaf. Could this be a conspiracy performed together as […]

Fox News: Morally Confusing

First, they dissed Grand Theft Auto, the controversial video game for being violent. But praised the 13 year old boy who stole his dad’s credit card and went on to a shopping spree and hired two hookers. Unknown to Fox […]

How Should an Asian React to Racism

Wherever we roam around, in the streets of the United States, Europe, on the radio, music, television, the internet especially in the chatrooms, in Youtube. You could hear, see and read racist remarks hurled against Asians. But they are not […]

Was Teri Hatcher right?

The Philippine medical profession is again at the glare of publicity brought about by the Vincente Sotto operating room spectacle. I hope the aggrieved person will teach those doctors a lesson. Philippine doctors always get away by burying their mistakes.

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