Paranoia After Sendong

At 5 am today, I woke up to the sound of the roosters’ crows that sounded like “tabaaaaaaaanng!” (heeeeeelp!) I think I was imagining things because there was a heavy rain last night. Sendong instilled fear and paranoia practically everyone. […]

Get Matured One Notch Higher

I should get matured one notch higher. I have to give up some attitudes both online and offline for the sake of the good of others. I should spread positivity. After hearing the speakers at the Mindanao Bloggers Summit today […]

I Change Myself First

All of us have selfish nature. We think that everything surrounds our self. When we’ve done something good, we take the credit. Forgetting others who assisted us, including God. When I score a goal in soccer game, I celebrate, and […]

Blessed New Year to All

Have a blessed new year to all the readers of, all means those who agreed, disagreed, and just simply did not care with my opinions and everything I posted here. Here is U2’s New Years Day, one of my […]

Reorganizing of Articles

The articles and television interview This site is reshuffling some articles, the old ones some date back as 2007 has been put on the front page.¬† Practically, the articles are about Filipino nationalism or something about the Philippines, purposely for […]

Gwapito Will Be On GMA 7

Updated. Gwapito will be on national television through GMA 7. The show is Imbestigador, and will be aired on the last Saturday of November. The topic is basically about Filipino nationalism. I will be telling my hate for tagalog movies, […]

I'm Back to Normal

After two years and five months¬† (2.5 years) of working night shift, i’m finally living my life normally! Yipeee! I work for an outsourcing company. Workers are assigned to its client. Basically, our company’s clients are our boss, but remotely […]

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