Oh yes! My Site has Been Nominated!

Hahaha! My site has been nominated for the most coveted online award “Filipino Blog of the Century” okay okay, it’s just “Filipino Blog of the Week” being done by Talksmart of The Composed Gentleman. Just being noticed feels great, regardless […]

That Elusive Woman

It has been twelve years since I’ve had my last official girlfriend. I’ve dated several women in that span of time, but they were all just dates, no relationship, no commitment, and no intimate connection whatsoever. I just don’t get […]

How I Became an Architect

My present profession is web designer, but how did I become a licensed architect? As long as I can remember I was already scribbling on any paper or surface I could find, be it newspapers, at the back of black […]

I Am Now Very Famous!

Is this the start of something big? A movie or modeling offer soon? Hahaha…Not really. Just excited. This thing seldom happens to Jeffrey‘s 34 years life on earth. My name and photos appear on today’s issue of a national paper […]

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