What is False Humility?

Thank God for my church mates for making me aware of a misleading attitude called “false humility.” Avoiding false humility is what keeping me sane and good looking both mentally and physically. Hence, Gwapito.com! Weee!

A person who has a false humility:
1. Thinks negatively about himself. That he will never accomplish anything good thing for him or for the people around him. This comes out especially if we made a grave mistake. Instead of dwelling in regret, make it as a lesson to do better next time.

2. Literally talk negative words about himself. This is more dangerous than thoughts. When a person says, “I don’t think I can do it.” or “I’m just poor, I can’t afford that”. It will make everything stop. Your mind stops to look for creative ways to make you accomplish a certain task. Or you get timid to find ways how to alleviate your current financial status.

To stay clear of “false humilty” will make you handsome (or beautiful) like me!

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