Why Do Mass Murderers Kill Themselves?

I’ve been asking myself this question, ‘why do mass or multiple murderers kill themselves after the killing spree?’ Perhaps one of my readers can answer this. Serious or naughty answers are welcome. But the former is better. This happened many […]

Public Opinion

Nobody in this world can live through life without being emotionally affected by other people’s criticism. Be it positive or the opposite. There are a thousand ways to react to a criticism. A few literally silenced those who authored the […]

Sexual Abstinence

My very last sexual encounter was 12 years ago. Sexual encounter I mean was the thing in my body that makes me a man penetrating the woman’s softy thing. Did I like it? Of course I did! Sex is one […]

Why I Want To Grow Richer

In this life I don’t have to beat around the bush especially in pursuit of earning an income. Not just any mere income, but in considerable, extensive, huge, vast, enormous amount and so on. Being rich has more perks than […]

Discrimination in the Church

The story that I am about to tell you happened many years ago inside a born-again Christian church in the capital city of the Philippines. This was recalled to me by a Cebuano friend who migrated to Manila together with […]

How to Achieve Your Dreams

This is applicable to all types of people, whether you are a citizen of a prosperous country or an inhabitant of a wasteland. This will basically work on people with different religious background. This is based on my own personal […]

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