Why I won’t buy a Nissan Motor?

Okay, I’m not exactly a car expert, and I won’t buy a Nissan not because of technical, mechanical, electrical, aesthetical, or whatever “cal” reasons. I don’t like Nissan because they’re a corporate bully! Yes, Nissan Motor is a corporate bully! […]

The Power of Your Words

Our words have power to make or break a person’s life, including your own. The words that come out of our mouths can change the course of a person’s life, behavior or purpose. It is up to us what words […]

Isn’t it Ironic 101

1. When parents like to name their kids with two or even three names, but these parents call their kids with a shortened name or nickname. An example is a friend of mine whose son’s name is Samuel John, but […]

My Other Blog: Manilablog.com

Manilablog.com has been up for two months already. It’s on this site that i put my gimmicks, photos, leisure life, my opinions regarding Manila whether good or bad. Everything about Metro Manila, according to me! While Gwapito.com is for my […]

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