Antonio "Magdalo" Trillanes for Senator – For some reason this video would cause an error on my blog when i embed it on the page. Just click it! Vote for this no-nonsense guy with a mission to crush the corruption in the Philippines. […]

Philippines All-Star Candidate Lineup

This lineup of able political candidates for senatorial, congressional, gubernatorial and mayoral and vice mayoral has been accurately, cautiously and carefully researched to purposely give the Filipino voters the correct direction on who to vote for. Voting other candidates not […]

The Root of Racial Discrimination

Money is generally the root of racial or ethnical discrimination. It’s not about the color of the skin, not the accent or the language, nor about the educational status. It’s money. Money has also used the media to indirectly or […]

Rocky Balboa Review

I just finished watching Rocky Balboa about an hour ago. I have one word for it: Boring. Nevertheless, i do admire the intention of the movie, and that is basically to go against the odds that we as humans encounter, […]

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