Hitler's and Marcos' Lie

Adolf Hitler and Ferdinand Marcos were good at lying to their own respective countrymen just to satisfy their own selfish interests. Hitler initially used Christianity to gain support from the majority Catholic Germany. Later in his reign, his true colours […]

Angelo Reyes is Guilty!

Photo credits to Patrick Liu. I believe former General Angelo Reyes’s suicide was an admission that he is guilty of corruption. He could not carry the weight of the million peso worth of mess that he was into. I’m basing […]

We All Hate Whistle Blowers

Generally, we commend and support whistle blowers for exposing the corrupt public officials in the Philippine government. While the accused crooked officials would of course deny it, and would retaliate against the whistle blowers through lawsuits and other means. We […]

Galing at Talino

In English: Ability and Intelligence. It’s a tagline used by a presidential candidate. Don’t fall for it so easily. Those were the qualities of two Philippine presidents, but obviously fell short. Choose wisely.

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