Paranoia After Sendong

At 5 am today, I woke up to the sound of the roosters’ crows that sounded like “tabaaaaaaaanng!” (heeeeeelp!) I think I was imagining things because there was a heavy rain last night. Sendong instilled fear and paranoia practically everyone. […]

Pikon Ka?

Pikon ka? Are you the type of Pinoy that quickly demand apologies from somebody that belittles the Philippines or the Filipinos, then this video is for you. Frankly, this video is not for me, dili ko pikon or balat sibuyas. […]

Are You a Dream Breaker?

Buy this photo at iStockphoto. When there are dreamers, there will always be dream breakers just sitting around the corner. Waiting for the dreamer to say something “impossible” to achieve in his or her lifetime. In the Bible, Joseph the […]

The New World Government

The New World Government is coming, it’s in the works. Before the end of the world happens or right before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the New World Order will take place. The six (6) videos below by Irvin […]

Losers Love to Blame

Buy this photo at iStockphoto. Losers in a literal game or in life, loves to blame just about anyone, the referee, the circumstances, God, neighbor, friend, enemy, economy, the government, the dog. Some maybe attributed to some mentioned elements above. […]

From Beggar to Giver

Buy this photo at iStockphoto. I used to have a beggar mindset. I still have it occasionally. Filipinos have “beggar mindset”. Well, most of the Pinoys have it. It is ingrained deep each of the Filipinos’ psyche. It is accepted […]

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