Cheap Brands Than Fake Brands

I have a principle that i’ve been practicing for the past seven to eight years. It’s buying “cheap brands” than “fake brands.”

I’d rather buy a cheap branded pants than a fake Levi’s jeans. Personally, it’s better getting a Company B or Bench than a fake Levi’s.

1. I don’t want to be part of the common masses who are fond of accusing the government of corruption, but they themselves are also guilty of doing the same.

2. I want to help this country, the businessmen and its employees in my own little way.

3. I’m an artist and a business person it irritates me when somebody is ripping off my works or my business. So i try not to do it on others.

ABu Sayyaf and ABS-cbn Conspiracy?

Ces Drilon and two of her crew were abducted by the infamous ABu Sayyaf this week. Ms Drilon has been interviewing terrorists before such as NPA, Erap Estrada, MILF, and ABu Sayyaf.

Could this be a conspiracy performed together as a partnership between ABu Sayyaf and ABS cbn?

Reasons I find very, very, very, very, very disturbing:

  • ABS-cbn wanting to increase its television ratings, paid ABu Sayyaf bandits with an undisclosed amount.
  • ABu Sayyaf and ABS-cbn – just by looking at their names, even a one year old could tell that both have some things in common.

Fox News: Morally Confusing

First, they dissed Grand Theft Auto, the controversial video game for being violent.

But praised the 13 year old boy who stole his dad’s credit card and went on to a shopping spree and hired two hookers. Unknown to Fox News that it was a fake story by created for the sole purpose of gaining popularity to the financial website

Fox News forgot to research about their news, even promoting lying and stealing which is much more morally wrong than Grand Thief Auto.

The woman needs a reason to cheat, while the man just needs a woman

The woman needs a reason to cheat, while the man just needs a woman. Agree or Disagree?

I saw that as an advertisement inside my Facebook account.

It may not be totally true to some, but i have to agree that’s the usual scenario.

The woman needs a reason to cheat
I’ve heard stories when women cheat because of some various reasons like, their partners cheat on them, neglect, long distance relationship etc.

When i was a teenager i had two flings with two girls, both had boyfriends at that time. One girl, her boyfriend was working from another city. While the other girl, well both just liked each other. We were first teased by her friends, and everything just followed with no glitches.

While the man just needs a woman.
Just put a woman near the man, if the woman show signs of interest to the man. The animal inside the man would be unleashed!

The man is usually the guilty one in a divorce or breakup. The reason is always ‘the man cheats on the woman.’