Evolutionists buried a shameful tooth

I can’t believe these “scientists”, they found a small part of an extinct monkey, and they call it our “ancestor”. One “scientist” found a tooth (just ONE) from what looked like from a human. Then they draw an entire family […]

God Does Not Take Offense at All

photo by Maike Domingo A lot of people were offended with the photo above. On a Facebook posting of the photo, a lot of the commenters uttered disgust and even calling undesirable names on the woman. “Bitch”. “Walang respeto”. “Di […]

God Did Not Send Sendong

Contrary to the popular knowledge about God’s ways, God did not send the Sendong typhoon to the people. Christians or even non-Christians have always believed that God would give man calamity, problem, sickness. We are now in the age of […]

The New World Government

The New World Government is coming, it’s in the works. Before the end of the world happens or right before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the New World Order will take place. The six (6) videos below by Irvin […]

God Did Not Sink the Titanic

A lot people have often thought God was behind the sinking of Titanic. 😀 Preachers would often tell their congregation, ‘God sank the Titanic, He was offended after some ship officer uttered the words “The ship’s too big not even […]

The End of Days

I believe in the End of the World. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in all his words. I believe when Jesus said that the end will come. Jesus spoke of the End of Days in Matthew 24. Not […]

Atheists are Angry at God

According to a new study conducted by Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, says that ‘atheists and agnostics are also those who are most angry at God.’ Ironically, they taunt Christians and attempt at disproving God, but in “reality”, or […]

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