Get Matured One Notch Higher

I should get matured one notch higher. I have to give up some attitudes both online and offline for the sake of the good of others. I should spread positivity. After hearing the speakers at the Mindanao Bloggers Summit today […]

Thank You, Globe Telecom!

I am a satisfied Globe prepaid cellphone subscriber for eleven years. My close friends are with Globe as well. When I used to live alone in Manila, Globe was my broadband provider, and still is here in Iligan City. Practically […]

No to Israel Partition

I personally support for Israel as one nation, no other nation within a nation partition. The video below was created by Filipino supporters of No to Israel Patition, also known as Project NOYP (No to Ysrael Partition), basically urging PNOY […]

Israel and the Haters

Funny how my simple Facebook status update regarding my support and love for Israel got so much comments from the haters. There are only about three of them haters, one is a Muslim, one is Catholic, and the remaining one […]

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