The End of Days

I believe in the End of the World. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in all his words. I believe when Jesus said that the end will come. Jesus spoke of the End of Days in Matthew 24. Not […]

You Stole My Heart Away

Now, it’s time for me to emote. I just love this song. A friend originally posted this on her Facebook wall. I dedicate this song to the women I’ve loved, but never loved me; to the women I’ve loved, but […]

I Got!

I am the happy new owner of the domain name! God deserves the credit for slowly answering my prayers. I’ve been asking for premium domain names both in English and Philippine based domains. He answered it. Patience pays off! […]

Bin Laden is Dead

I must admit, I did like Bin Laden arrested or get killed. Justice has been done to the thousands of innocent people he killed on September 11, 2001. Credits to the soldiers who constantly risking their own lives and tirelessly […]

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