The Benefits of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is removing any emotions of hatred, resentment or grudge towards a person, experience, a thing, and even our own self. Forgiving anything and anyone that we think have wronged will benefit us. Even a mass murderer should be forgiven. […]

How Israel Won the Six Day War

Photo credits:┬áTemplar1307 It really pays off if we know the things deeper that we just knew superficially. Before, I thought the 1967 war between Israel and the three Arab countries was just a few days quick preparation. It was years […]

God Does Not Take Offense at All

photo by Maike Domingo A lot of people were offended with the photo above. On a Facebook posting of the photo, a lot of the commenters uttered disgust and even calling undesirable names on the woman. “Bitch”. “Walang respeto”. “Di […]

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