Israel Attacked, But Not in the News!

Wow nice, mainstream media. Mainstream has been biased towards Israel. Several rockets hit Israel from Palestinian terrorists since Friday, and was not reported by CNN or BBC. According to Jerusalem Post, about a hundred rockets have been fired by the […]

No to Israel Partition

I personally support for Israel as one nation, no other nation within a nation partition. The video below was created by Filipino supporters of No to Israel Patition, also known as Project NOYP (No to Ysrael Partition), basically urging PNOY […]

Israel and the Haters

Funny how my simple Facebook status update regarding my support and love for Israel got so much comments from the haters. There are only about three of them haters, one is a Muslim, one is Catholic, and the remaining one […]

I Heart Israel

Photo credits: Templar1307 I love and support Israel. My support for Israel started in 1995. It was not easy at first. My state of mind was still different then, I used to hate America and its allied countries, Israel and […]

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