Michelle Obama's hairstyles

I have actually felt guilty in posting this. Making fun at some person’s physical appearance is a thing of the past for me. But after looking at Michelle Obama’s hair, I can’t help it but resurrect the mean part of […]

Defending the Catholic Crusade

I’ll be defending the Roman Catholic Church’s deadly Crusade, but only for argument’s sake. Even though I myself is not Catholic, but as an evangelical Christian I am still directly affected especially when I encounter atheists using the Crusade as […]

The Evidence of Sodom and Gomorrah

This archaeological find was conducted by Ron Wyatt. This was discovered in the 1990s. But despite this great find, it still remained generally hidden from the general population. I posted this in the comments section in Atheist pages in Facebook […]

Evolution Theory is Not Science!

Theory of Evolution is another belief. If it’s science, it should be specifically belong to pseudo science or false science. In Reference.com/Dictionary.com, science is “systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation”. Wikipedia says, science […]

To Much Political Correctness Quote

“Too much political correctness could lead to critical blindness” – Gwapito It’s good to be politically correct, but too much of it can make one downright idiotic and ignorant. An example is, if a Black man kills a white man, […]

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