Hitler's and Marcos' Lie

Marcos Hitler

Adolf Hitler and Ferdinand Marcos were good at lying to their own respective countrymen just to satisfy their own selfish interests.

Hitler initially used Christianity to gain support from the majority Catholic Germany. Later in his reign, his true colours appeared. Schools in Germany had songs of worship for “god” Hitler.

While former evil dictator Ferdinand Marcos, in order to get votes from the naive Filipinos, wrote his own biography which primarily focused on his own life as a World War 2 guerilla, and the war medals he gained, which were later found to be fake.

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.
– Adolf Hitler -

I Sell Stock Photos and Vectors

I’ve always wanted to do this in a long time, selling my own photos and illustration on my own site.

I contribute to big stock photo sellers such as iStockphoto and Shutterstock, and I earn a percentage. But the recent changes of the payouts they give to us artists and photographers has been disappointing.

What used to be about 40% commission for us, the giant stock agency as they also called, have lowered the percentage, to about 30% for Exclusive artists. Exclusives are those who only submit photos and illustrations to iStock and no other agencies.

Good thing another contributor and a web programmer have thought of a project of creating a WordPress based software that enable the common man like me to sell my own artworks in my own site.

I can setup my own price, and about 95% goes to mine and it’s slightly cheaper than iStock. Although most of my vector illustration and photos are still in iStock, and still submit to them. But once the sale gets consistent in my own site, I would stop contributing to iStock.

Please take a look at my own royalty-free stock photo and vector illustration site.

Politically Incorects and Terror Paranoia

Politically correct

Below is my response to politically incorrect people, but I had to remove it, another responded a not so good term “troll”, it may open a pandora’s box of another polically incorrect opinions, my reputation is at stake, I was using my real name to respond:

Oh, I touched the overly emotionally sensitive political correctness of some people here.

You know, government authorities all over the world are paranoid these days, started after the 9-11.

9-11 is the term for September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in the United States when two passenger airplanes rammed the World Trade Center twin towers in New York, thousands died.

Shortly after the attack, homes of Filipinos in the United States were raided. Those Filipinos were not even Muslims. The US government have become paranoid. No damages were paid. No apologies were sent.

Shall I talk about Guantamano prison? A lot of innocent Muslims are there, imprisoned even without warrant or official verdict from any court.

After the 9-11, bomb jokes has been taken seriously. Government authorities are becoming paranoid.

In the Philippines, John Estrada was arrested for his bomb joke in Davao Airport.

I used to do bomb joke to a mall security guard, the guard just looked at me, a bit mad, I just walked off, but that was in the 90s.

Singapore is not spared with this paranoia, a strict country, that even using their flag whether online or not, requires permission.

Sudan is a country divided, literally, North and South. Divided after an arm civil war, thousands died. It’s also a country where Ismamic Jihad is encouraged by its president Omar Al Bashir. War is not over in that country, the North Sudan leader massacres Christians and Muslims alike.

I am entitled to speculate. We will know unless Izo himself would tell us the real reason.

My Lowepro camera bag

Lowepro camera bag

My very generous sister gave me a Lowepro camera bag.

I’ve been wanting myself for this type of camera bag. The backpack type is not for me, or rather I chose not to want it.

A backpack camera bag would make my back sweat a lot because of my country’s climate especially during summer. If my back sweats, if would make me sick as a result.

My sister bought this in Saudi Arabia, but you can buy online at Amazon, click here to buy the Lowepro Passport Sling Camera Bag – Black.

Another reason why I like this bag is because it does not look like the usual camera bags, and the black colour also adds to it. Bright colors attracts attention.

Watch the Lowepro advertisement below.

True Religion versus the False Religion

True religion is consuming what is intangible by reading the scriptures, praying and worshipping and singing songs of worship to God.

And also wearing the clothes of love and good deeds that cannot be felt by the hand, but by the heart.

While the false religion is selectively eating literal foods, and by strictly covering the body with customary clothes.

Catholic nuns photo

Evolutionists buried a shameful tooth

I can’t believe these “scientists”, they found a small part of an extinct monkey, and they call it our “ancestor”.

One “scientist” found a tooth (just ONE) from what looked like from a human. Then they draw an entire family of ape-like creatures, yes out of that single tooth. They call it the “Nebraska Man.” The whole world were ecstatic of the find in the 1920s.

Then accepted as part of mainstream education.

Nebraska Man’s tooth was actually from an extinct pig. Search lang sa Google about it.

One good thing about “Evolution theory” though is it makes one “artistically creative”.

Atheist Professor converts to Christianity

After one of his classes, the professor was challenged by his student, a lady at that. The discussion took for three hours.

The student asked Dr. Richard Lumsden this question, based on the video: “The student challenged the professor: “Where exactly in the fossil records is the evidence for progressive evolution, the transitional forms of major groups (homo sapiens and animals)?”

Why You Should Not Trust Too Much on TV Networks

TV Networks provide us information that would benefit us, but sadly at times sensationalize the end product just to get the ratings and attention.

When GMA7 interviewed me about my dislike for Tagalog movies, they added a word (baduy) that I did not say all throughout the interview.

A Filipino schoolmate of Bin Ladin was interviewed by ABS-CBN, but when it was shown on tv, the schoolmate turned into a “classmate”.

I’m not totally legalistic. I still watch the above mentioned tv stations. Even other tv stations that I dislike such as BBC and CNN, occasionally I still get to watch or read on their sites, but with a watchful mind.

The Modern Day Nazis

Hitler and his cohorts may have died a very long time ago. Though some of Hitler’s officers are still alive today in prison or a few still in hiding.

But Hitler’s ideology and struggle to exterminate the Jews did not end after the World War Two. It was merely handed down to another group of people today, some are seemingly harmless and some are very ruthless.

Everyday, mostly online, I have found out who these Modern Day Nazis are.

Atheists. They have a lot of pages on Facebook, spreading further hate against the Jews and Israel. They feast on false news that BBC and CNN offer on their table.

BBC and CNN. These two leading news network are biased against Israel. They don’t broadcast when the Palestinian terrorists fire missiles into Israel, but when Israel retaliates they put in the headlines.

Hamas and Islamists. Hamas are the authority running Palestine and of course with the support of Islamists worldwide.

These certain sections of people in Palestine literally follow Hitler’s principles and execution of it.

These are the dangerous ones. They kill and destroy, just like the German Nazis of long ago.

Christians and other naive people. These group of radical Christians blame the Jews for Jesus’ death.

Also, these are the people who’ve been fed with wrong information, just like the atheists.

Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

Very Important National Issue

What really is a family or personal issue, ridiculously turned into a national and gigantic talk.

I wrote a status on Facebook in sarcastic manner, and got a few reactions from my friends.


When we make stupid decisions, a lot money and effort is wasted. I should know because I have experienced it myself.

A judge had to issue a court order so that Miss Aquino and Mr. Yap would not make their quarrel a public one.

Money was paid to the court and the lawyers which should not have happened in the first place.

One thing positive about this. Learned from it, love each other and do not do it again.