Tips on How to keep Yourself Humble

Every human being should know how to keep himself checked. Including me. It’s human nature that we exalt ourselves, in words and in thoughts.

A famous humble person in your neighborhood is not always humble. Even the most useless, most pathetic, most self-pity citizen can be airhead sometimes.

This does not mean to lose your self-esteem. There is also a thing called “false humility.” Like thinking negatively about oneself.

1. There will always be better than you. There will always be more handsome than me, hehe, and you. There will always be prettier than you. There will always be more intelligent than you.

2. We are not perfect. We all make mistakes. You may have a perfect rating in a math quiz yesterday, but there’s a time that you could not make it to 100%.

3. Ask God for the ability to be humble. For me this should come first. For non-believers, it’s up to you. But this one greatly helps me. Though i sometimes fail to use that ability. Silly me. 😉

4. Acknowledge others. Give God, your family, friends, your teacher, classmate, office mate, strangers, the drive the credit for what have become now.

Thank you God for making me Gwapito! 😀 See, i’m humble. I gave God the credit for my good looks.


  1. LOL! I give ummmm… my parents the credit for my looks? i believe in genetics, i’m pretty sure i have human DNA. i think the easiest way to humility is making others happy and being generous. i don’t know how that makes me more humble, but hey, it works out well for me. every smile from others melts my heart and makes me appreciate life more. every thank you means more to me than all the riches in the world.

    and yes, God is my source of positive energy. when things feel like crap, i ask him to give me strength. i’m no church junkie, i hate going to church, actually i no longer go to church. but my faith is stronger now that it has ever been.

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