Why is there Homophobia?

Photo by iStockphoto. What is Homophobia? The word is a combination of two Greek words Homo (the same) and Phobia (fear). Homophobia is popularly referred to as fear of homosexuals or fear of gays, and the people with an attitude […]

Sucks, Zuck Just Got Married!

Photo by iStockphoto Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just got married this week, to his longtime girlfriend. And because of that, it left me pondering and thinking what will my next move be. Majority of my peers got married 10 to […]

How to Truly Forgive

photo by iStockphoto. This is probably a continuation of my previous article about forgiveness. Truly forgiving those who have hurt us is for our own good. It’s not necessary for those who hurt us to literally ‘say sorry, and then […]

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