Manila Universities are Overhyped!

Indeed, Manila universities are grossly overhyped as i have written previously. In the recently published result of the Architecture board exam, UST, a school in Manila got three topnotchers, while the provincial school USC got two topnotchers (top 2 and […]

Injustice in America

I often heard a lot of Filipinos talking bad things about the Philippines, while giving a lot praises for America. These Filipinos always compare Philippines and America. One area that these Filipinos like to talk about is the notorious justice […]

Love Tips for Men

To celebrate today’s valentine’s day, i’m giving out a few love advices for men for free. These tips of mine are guaranteed more than 50% effectivity rate :D. I’ve used it many times over and has been successful for the […]

That Elusive Woman

It has been twelve years since I’ve had my last official girlfriend. I’ve dated several women in that span of time, but they were all just dates, no relationship, no commitment, and no intimate connection whatsoever. I just don’t get […]

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